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Watch your favorite guitar heroes; Steve Vai, Van Helen, Eric Clapton, Slash and Metallica...see how they "shreds"! Funny stuff. Search "shreds" on youtube. Thanks DorYuk and Phat for showing me the clips. Peace.

Just added the videos for y'all making it easier for you to have a laugh today :) Some dude overdubbed the original and made parodies of famous guitar heroes. EnjoyVideo: Metallica  Shreds Video: Eric Clapton  Shreds

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Phone Video of Finale Song Round I

Last weekend's concert...crazy as hell! I thoroughly enjoyed it. People where super cool, music was tight, vibe amazing and the audience was up for it. Hands down, one of the best shows I've played at. All the bands--Respect Tou PK!!! Paul Wong--Respect Tou PK!!! Ya Sei Mei...PK!!!


Some of the media just portraited our set (24Herbs) as using swear words. But, how could they miss the crowd reaction? Dude...it was a positive event and amazing show--well, hell with the papers, you guys get the trut...Read more

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