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Welcome to my alive not dead page!

hi...um, i've never blogged before, so here it goes:  i'm really grateful to be a part of the alivenotdead community of artists and to have my profile on their site.  it's great to be involved with a group of independent talented hardworking and fun people whose aim is to spread the wealth towards everyone...you don't get that much anymore in this world, and especially in this business...

thank you for visiting my site and checking out what's happening with, where i'm going with, whatever else with, my career...i think at this very moment the most important thing i've discovered is being happy with myself, finding the positive in each experience, each moment, and knowing that every and any road i choose, i'm going to enjoy an adventure, meet interesting people, grow as a person. 

i've been fortunate enough to be able to live between hong kong, los angeles, new york, and now it seems shanghai is going to be included.  i've gotten to spend more time with my family which includes my cousins, and my twin neices who i love so much and who bring me the greatest purest joy with each innocent cute kiss or remark.  they have made me so happy. 

in regards to my career, i'm working on developing some projects for myself, as well as auditioning.  i enjoy the more artsy independent movie scene and playing gritty,quirky, darkly comedic, tragic, romantic, funny characters...hehe.  anything a bit off beat i guess.  let's see what life brings me next! 

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thanks for joining! i agree about 'the most important thing' 100%!!
almost 13 years ago
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You are smokin!!!! Let me just say that Eugenia is one of the best actresses I've ever seen! And...I'm not saying that because she is my sister..hahaha....anyways...I'm very thankful for our time together these past few months and our new closeness. You are BING!!! Remember our "Sweet Sisters" dream! I Love you with everything that I got babe!
almost 13 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
i agree 110% =)
almost 13 years ago
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hello eugenia finally found you here in alivenotdead family. you're in the Pang's movies. it's been few years i watch the movies and know nothing about you. hope we get to know you more here :D next movie? when? ... anticipating..
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