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Eames Elephants at Aluminium Opening

Today I went w/ T down to the new 'Aluminum Urban Living'  shop on Lyndhurst Terrace.   As you saw in my previous blog and Andrew's blog,  alivenotdead.com participated in a fundraiser art event for the 'Ambassadors of Design' industry group here in HK.  They had 10 artists decorate elephant stools originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames. (who as you can see from that Wikipedia page, were super famous in the mid-20ths century design world).   This is the piece:or rather a mini-version of it.They're going to auction off the artist's work online at detour.hk til Dec. 18th if you see one you really really like. ;-)Here's a few shots i took of some of the pieces -  Michael Young's.  which is made up of folded newspaper origami on the ears.  must have taken a lot of time! Andre Fu's elephant.  much more practical, he has a pocket and a cushion (is it a saddle?)This one is screaming 'Asterialand' to me, because of course I recognize it as Alice Chan's work.  (it was the eyes that gave it away!) ;-)Four of the pieces were done by design students.this is my favorite.  Very Hong Kong... can anyone identify what its supposed to be?Our friends at Shyalalamade one too.  Theirs is definitely the most huggable.Our contribution. (that's me and Trina and Yeelin from Shyalala who helped us get involved)  Since Andrew is in China for work, we had to represent the work as alivenotdead.com.  Terence luckily was available so he did an interview with Apple Daily about the event and our participation in it.Since Andrew did all the actual painting (after we agreed on the concept, etc),  T had to study up on the details of his work before the interview so the reporter couldn't stump him with a random technical question about the paint used, etc. :-DThanks to David Chiu at Aluminium for hosting us and thanks to Vitamin Water for the free drinks. ;-)I hope there are more events like this in the future.

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Roast pig at wedding banquet.
almost 14 years ago
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I love the fluffy one!
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FYI all - yes, its supposed to be a roast pig, HK style!
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