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Three Sets of Friends from Causeway Bay

Here are some of the stories we collected at the Esprit store in Causeway Bay on Saturday morning.  14 groups showed up and participated in the casting that morning,  here are three interesting ones we wanted to share to give you guys an idea of what we're looking for: This is a group of friends from Taiwan who planed a vacation in HK together.  The trip was made possible with the help of one of their colleagues who lent his expertise in helping them plan their trip.  Finally they can share a vacation and have some great memories to share for a lifetime. This individual shared his story about how many of his friends have passed on because of drugs. He meets a group of friend in University and from them learnt the meaning of life. He is now a social worker and wants to influence the youth and help them learn the importance of friendship and how it can 'teach' one the meaning of life.Believe it or not, these two became a couple when they were young and the guy bought an Esprit T for the girl he liked. From there, a romance sparked and with this timely friendship campaign, they decided to come n tell their story as a way to rekindle this memory and affirm their love. Do you think you have a friendship story like these? that is worthy of making it on a billboard?  If so, please come down to the castings on Sunday the 16th, Saturday the 22nd or Sunday the 23!  For more details and to sign up online, go to www.espritfriends.com.  See you soon!

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i wish i could meet my soulmate via t-shirt gifting. ;-)
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