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Follow-Up Interviews - Day 1

Now that the voting has closed, the Esprit Castings team has taken a closer look at the top finalists to find out more about each group and see which ones would make the best subjects for Esprit's ad campaign. Here's a few pictures worth sharing:'Fighting Friends' returnedThis group came with their own customised ESPRIT teeshirts, 'Sisters with a Song' came with the guitar for an encore performance'Age has no Barriers' came with a keyboard.'The Dancing Friendship'  girls were back too.And also one video (resident alivenotdead.com Jpop expert Etchy assures us that's a Nakashima Mika tune they're singing): The group is 'Together With a Superstar Journey'.

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vince got the easy one!
about 12 years ago
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E for B because she is EXCELLENT S for Simon because he is SUAVE P for P haha R for derRick I for Vince bc there is no I in team T for chung because he's all THAT Thanks for the love ya'll....
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