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The T-800 Terminator Was Programmed In 1984

TheTerminatorGb310311The Terminator searched for Sarah Connor’s address in a phonebook. Somehow he didn’t have a photo of her nor knew what she looked like. A mistake like this would not pass today, but did this bother anyone in 1984? I don’t think it did. Photos weren’t very important then – we took a few of them, they wore out, and we threw them away. We felt fine relying on pe...Read more

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Art Films Masquerading as Action Films

Drive-PosterI have a theory that art films are starting to masquerade as action films because in a globalized economy, producers can’t pick any contemporary villains, so characters’ conflicts end up being directed internally. Hence, we get a slew of boring action movies, which hire the best talent to pepper the film with 5-10 minutes of amazing action scenes, “delivering on the promis...Read more

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Action Thriller “Ness” starring Eric Jacobus, Hiroshi Adachi, and Ed Kahana – Watch Now!

Detective Ness kicks some ass to catch the man who killed his partner.

サンフランシスコのスタントチームThe Stunt Peopleのアクションショートです。 パートナーを殺された警部補 ネスがその犯人を追う。

Starring Eric Jacobus, Ed Kahana, Victor Repizo, Hiroshi Adachi, Lucas Okuma, Alvin Hsing

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Arcade Karate Fighting with The Stunt People

Player One and Player Two face off against Ironpunch Michaels in a duel to the death… in an arcade game.

Created by Thorsten Fietzek

Starring Shaun Finney, Eric Jacobus, and Yun Lujhei Yang

Choreography by The Stunt People

(c) 2012 – tstonemedia.net

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Eric Jacobus featured on Comedy Film Nerds Podcast

I had the honor to be featured along with Rebecca Ahn on the  Comedy Film Nerds podcast with Graham Elwood and Chris J. Mancini. We talk about Death Grip, action movies we love, and other nerdy stuff you’ll all dig. Enjoy.

Listen to it at the Comedy Film Nerds website – http://comedyfilmnerds.com

iTunes link -  Read more

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Real Life Hwaorang – Eric Jacobus 2012 Kicking Reel

Hapkido kicking reel for your entertainment. There are a lot I forgot (b-twist round, round jump-around-round, and about five dozen others), I’ll grab those next time.

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Donnie Yen News: Possible Donnie Yen/Cung Le reunion, HK remake of The Last Boy Scout…

Donnie Yen and Cung Le dining in Hong Kong

So far, there haven’t been any updates on Donnie’s anticipated action film Special Identity which should complete its’ post-production work at some po...Read more

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Hong Kong produces two upcoming action crime films

Contemporary action/crime films in Hong Kong seems to be making a big comeback. Evident is the release of two anticipated films this year. First up is Sunny Lok and Longmond Leung’s bud-budgeted  Cold War  featuring a cast of huge stars. It includes Andy Lau, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Aaron Kwok, Charlie Yeung and Gordon Lam. Next up is film maestro Johnnie To’s Mainland-financed Drug War starring Louis Koo, Sun Hong-Lei, Crystal Huang Yi, Michelle Ye and Lam Suet.

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Sunday Morning Cartoons – Jackie Chan Edition

You’ve probably seen Jackie Chan’s Rumble in the Bronx, but have you seen this version? This one’s uncut, with original Cantonese audio, and subtitled. It’s the version you’ve never seen and might never see. Highly recommended, as the fight sounds and voic...Read more

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“Beast Mode 2″ – Proof that the indie action community does it better

Shaun Finney has released his second installment of Beast Mode, a reel of the latest indie action from across the globe, set to a rad song. If you’re new to the indie action world, then this is a great place to start.

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