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What’s so difficult about making 1000 Blu-ray discs? Well… everything. Here’s how Death Grip did it

We set about the difficult task of authoring a Blu-ray version of our latest film Death Grip, which you can buy on our website. They’ve been selling much faster...Read more

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How Science Fiction Lost Its Edge – A Genre Study

While working on a science fiction concept I’m developing, it’s been interesting to study how the genre itself functions. Science Fiction has two key responsibilities:

*Predicts the logical ends of a technological trajectory and sets it up as the conflict.

*Utilizes current filmmaking and computer technology in a profound way.Or “Tech-porn”. Often sci-fi films will have throwaway scenes that really have no place in the story except to showcase a new technology. These are necessary for the trai...Read more

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Death Grip at the American Film Market – Interview with Film Specific

Filmmakers always want to know what goes down at the American Film Market. As I probably mentioned a few times, Death Grip attended AFM in 2011, and while the price of admission was steep, the learning experience more than paid for it. Stacey Parks of Film Specific Read more

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Win an Autographed Death Grip DVD – and I’ll send you JYB’s autograph

Short on change and don’t feel like buying Death Grip? No problem! Check out Kung Fu Magazine’s latest sweepstakes -  a DVD of Death Grip signed by me and co-star and producer Rebecca Ahn. I’ll even add an incentive: if you’re a reader on this blog and you win one of the DVDs they’re giving away, I’ll send you an additional autographed page which has our signatures plus those of the other main cast including...Read more

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Death Grip Reviews – Round 2

Fugu Talk saw our preview at Comic-Con 2012:

There was one Donny Yuen film, some awful stuff that ranged from fun to unwatchable, and a really impressive indie effort from The Stunt People that reminded me of the old Jackie Chan films, both in terms of action and physical humor. I liked the clips so much that I searched out their booth on the exhibit floor (turns out they were adjacent to Troma) to buy the DVD, which has a lot of interesting and i...Read more

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Death Grip Kills It with James Lew at Ric Meyers’ Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza Panel

Ric Meyers showed Death Grip at his kung fu movie panel, and I had the opportunity to meet James Lew before the panel. It was awesome. Though the crowd was an entirely different demographic than the one that attended our premiere, they laughed at all the same jokes. Afterward Ric had us all stand in front of a cheering audience.

All kinds of other awesome things happened too. Nathan met Eric Roberts, who signed a photo of him doing a stunt, sales were great, and I...Read more

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Ace of Geeks Review of Death Grip

Mike Fatum of the Ace of Geeks podcast has posted his review of Death Grip. The podcast is available for download here. The review comes in at the 28-minute mark and it’s pretty glowing. Thanks Mike!

Read more

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Comic Con 2012 Adventures – Darren Shahlavi “Twister” of Ip Man 2 Talks Stunts

On day two of our Comic-Con 2012 visit, Darren Shahlavi stopped by the booth and remembered me from contact him on Facebook. I gave him a copy of  Death Grip, and he spent an hour giving me the low-down on what it’s like being a “ gwailo” ( foreigner) in Hong Kong films. From his big debut as “Smith” in Tai Chi Chuento his recent role as “Twister” in Ip Man 2, Darren’s been a force to be reckoned with on s...Read more

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Donnie Yen’s next goal: making more contemporary action films

After working on eleven period action films in a time period of just five years, Donnie Yen is ready to go back to what he does best and made his name: modern action films. Donnie – who is currently in New York to attend special showings of his films Iron Monkey , SPL , The Lost Bladesman and Wu Xia – was also present for interviews and Q&As and revealed this relieving news to fans.

Donnie also stated that not on...Read more

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Jet Li in upcoming action comedy

Jet Li – who recently appeared in Tsui Hark’s 3D feast  Flying Swords of Dragon Gate – will next star in a new action comedy directed by Wang Zi Ming, written by Charcoal Tan ( Once Upon a Time in China 2 and 3 ), and produced by Chui Bo-Chu ( Kung Fu Hustle , Fearless ).

Apart from Li, the film co-stars Wen Zhang, Liu Shi Shi, Lin Shuang, Liu Yan, Chen Yan Xi, Tian Liang as well as action favorites Collin Chou ( <...Read more

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