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4th trailer to The Dark Knight Rises arrives

Featured is the music that could be heard on the exclusive footage shown at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Speaking of music, the soundtrack drops on July 17.

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Small Fish and a Promise

The latest series of events in Stunt People history have made it painfully obvious to me that you have to be a huge player to get any momentum in the entertainment world.

*Materials – Getting a printing company to make 1,000 DVDs on time when their regular clients print 50,000 is like pulling teeth. Printing 1,000 units through a smaller printing company will cost you far more since it’s not as streamlined and requires more man-hours.For example, I’m trying to make DVDs and the people at the press are utterly unresponsive aft...Read more

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The Stunt People featured in Lawson’s “Top 10 Fights of 2010″

Lawson posted his top 10 fights of 2010 and picked a few that aren’t available online, including the finale from Dogs of Chinatown a(4:24) and my fight against Ed Kahana in Detective Story (8:19). We’re honored to be f...Read more

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Amazing Filmmaking Gadgets Being Made on Kickstarter

These are just awesome. If you’re a filmmaker on a budget but want to achieve some slick camera angles, check out these kickstarter projects, which are looking for funds to complete their projects, and will reward donors with the equipment after the projects are complete.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/461078637/the-aviator-travel-jib?ref=category – A steal. I had no idea how valuabl...Read more

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Death Grip Authoring Complete – Special Update on Special Features

This weekend I spent about 48 hours finishing up the Death Grip behind-the-scenes featurette The Life of Death Grip, which clocked in at 75 minutes. I also finished authoring the DVD and the Blu Ray masters and shipped them off to Signature Media this morning. If all goes as planned, we’ll have 2000 DVDs and 1000 Blu Rays to sell at our June 30th Theatrical Premiere. We’ll also have shirts. And if you’re in California,...Read more

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Full Fight Scene from Death Grip – Watch Now Online

We’ve posted one of the many fights from Death Grip online for your viewing enjoyment. This is the “Knife Fight” between myself and Alvin Hsing. If you dig it, please spread the word about the theatrical premiere on June 30th, and keep an eye out at our online store for the DVD and Blu Ray!

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Death Grip Picture Complete – DVD Work Continues

After a 13-hour day syncing sound and putting the finishing touches on the final product, Death Grip is done. Here is the cover art for the DVD and Blu Ray that you can buy in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

DVD – Special edition with bonus features

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Software Ideas for Artists – Notepad for Video Editors

It irks me to see fellow film editors suffer because software in the video and art world is inexcusably bad. I have a computer programming background, but programmers’ interests seem to overlap the least with artists’. Yet artists continually prove they’re willing to be screwed over by prohibitively high prices and shoddy quality (Premiere 4 should forever be vacuum sea...Read more

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4-on-1 Fight from Those Who Go To Hell – Lazy Brown vs. The Stunt People

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Notes from The Funds Book – Hong Kong vs. South Korean Government Funding

Here are some interesting bits taken from The Funds Book from the Cannes Film Market. It outlines all the major government-provided film funds, budgets, and basic criteria. I compared Hong Kong and South Korea, not based on market share (since that would be an unfair comparison), but based on their criteria.

Check out Hong Kong first:

Hong Kong -Film Development Fund

Objectives of the Funding Programme: The FDF aims to fund projects a...Read more

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