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Rehearsals / Ad Game

As many of you all know, I am working on a film project entitled "The Ad Game". This past weekend I had the chance to meet up with a few of my actors to do a run through on some of the pages from the scrīpt. It would of course all change by the time we get to shoot... but it is a very creative way to work through some of the kinks in the scrīpt. But in attendance was Veteran actors James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China & Balls of Fury) and John Capodice (Ave Ventura Pet Detective, Speed & The Doors). Also there reading lines with us were Mickey Caputo and April Hong (both part of the James Hong Acting class.)

It was great. James in addition to being very funny in person, has a ton of stories about life in Hollywood back in the 50's... A little known fact was that he played Charlie Chan's son back in the old television show in the 50's!!

Here were some pics from the day.

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that's cool. I hope things will start to move along for your projects. I'm still in NY now. It's been really good taking classes and watching shows. I've also been to a few auditions and I'm meeting with a lady who owns an asian theatre here in NY. Take care!
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