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Another Scare!

Hello Everyone!

Man... Where to start? Its been one of those months! :(  Thank GOD that things are looking better now. But as you may all know, I was in the hospital recently because I had an operation. Well, after I went home, my parents came to town to visit me. If you guys are in LA, you know its been a hot summer so far, so I had the AC blasting since I don't do well in the heat!!

Well, my mother was sitting right in front of the AC when they were visiting me. Within a couple of days when she was at home, she started to feel sick. They thought it was bronchitis, but sadly it was misdiagnosed at first. I went to visit her and she was not doing too well. When I got home, I was actually sick myself. She was put in the hospital last week and it turned out that she has a severe infection of the brain. (For her the virus turned to Meningitis, and for me it was just a sinus infection) I of course have been so upset with a roller coaster of emotions. Was it my fault from the AC??? What could we have done differently? My mom is stubborn, and hates going to the doctor, so should we have forced her to go earlier?? Etc...  I should first say too, that so far this will NOT have a sad endingas she is getting better . But it got so bad that she was in a comatose state and on a ventiator and feeding tube. We were all preparing for the worst. There is nothing worse than looking at your mom, not knowing if she can hear you, machines keeping her body going, wanting nothing more than one more chance to tell her that you love her!

I have to say that when faced with these kinds of REAL life situations, you instantly see what is really important in life... And you see what is NOT important. I had been so consumed with my film, and getting the package all lined up, that I was missing out on other things in the family that were important too. Later in life will I regret more that my film wasn't made in '07 or will I regret that my future son or daughter never knew my mom and dad? You know what I mean?? Why do we put off life for career?? (should we?)  **It's a personal choice I guess... But going forward I will strive to be more balanced.

Anyways... My mom is still fighting the infection, but is awake, off the machines, and starting to try to eat again. We were lucky this time... But the sad truth of life, is that there will one day come a time when we will need to say goodbye to our loved ones... My advice to all out there is REALLY make the time count with the people you love... Tell them how you feel NOW... Show them how you feel NOW... The most prescious thing we have in life is TIME... once it runs out, its gone.

So Thank God for the people you have in your life who love you... And live every day like it could be the last... One day you will be right.

Family Pic circa 1974  (can you guess which one is me?)

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oh,God bless your mom and your family:)
about 13 years ago
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the least one?
about 13 years ago
i hpoe she'll recover soon..
about 13 years ago


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