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9 months later...

From the subject line, you may think this is about something else... haha...I just submitted my film Office Politics to Sundance... My hopes are high... the film did turn out well. Already planning the next film... Then again its a year later...2010 has been a year of some changes and self reflection too...I left Warner Brothers in July to really focus on my craft and some new business ventures. I felt God saying, "That place was toxic... LEAVE!!"  Since I was used to being there 12 hours a day... and thinking about titles I was delivering to iTunes and SONY in my sleep... I happily agreed to leave despite the uncertainty. It was a leap of faith for sure.But it allowed me to have some time for self reflection. I am feeling recharged again... :)EAGERLY wanting to come to HK again (been a year already!)...Stay tuned...Hopefully I can post some of the film soon... Maybe a clip or something. I think SAG rules forbid it though... Need to be careful. Grrrr... :)**To all my friends I haven't spoken with in a while... HELLO! :)

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Good luck, Elliott!
about 11 years ago
Celia 4
Woo Hoo!!! Rock on!!! and Good luck on it!
about 11 years ago


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