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25 random things about edric hsu...

There's this thing being passed around on Facebook where everyone's starting to share 25 little tidbits about themselves and getting to know each other better.

I won't tag anyone here since I'd already done it over at my Facebook notes, but do feel free to write 25 random stuff about yourself in your own blog too!

I didn't expect to get so longwinded in my entry, but it ended up looking like a summary of my life story... oh well! LOL

So anyway, for anyone who's interested in such things, here's...

25 Random Things About Edric Hsu

01] Some people still call me " Eddie", or " Ed" for short, and it's the name my Mum gave me when I was born.

02] I became " Edric" after secondary school, as I didn't like my old timid self before that, and I wanted to have a "different" future. (" Edric" apparently means "a rich king" in Olde English).

03] I was a talkative baby, so to shut me up during mealtimes, my late Granny would feed me little spoonfuls of her brandy.

04] I've always been fair, but as a kid, I also had brown eyes, fine brown hair and lots of freckles, and my neighbours would call me the "Angmoh Kia" ("Caucasian kid").

05] I had my first kiss and puppy love in primary school, with a pretty talented girl from my class. We were too shy to do anything. Zzz...

06] I almost died in a high fever when I was about four, after being bitten by a huge red ant while taking photos at the Haw Par Villa (I was posing on top of a statue of a giant red ant, go figure). After that I started "seeing things"...

07] People thought I used to behave weirdly and talk to myself a lot as a kid, but I was actually having conversations with "spirits". I didn't even know they were "spirits" until later.

08] So yeah, I "could see dead people". Thankfully, not anymore. But I could still feel their presence sometimes.

09] It might also have something to do with my eyes, for after the fever incident, I started to develop these weird divergent eyes (also called the "lazy eye syndrome"), and had to undergo three separate surgeries to correct this. If not I would eventually go blind.

10] But because of my divergent eyes, I could see a wider peripheral vision than normal kids, giving me a huge advantage when playing hide-and-seek, or other such events. That's how I could see the weird spirit stuff that goes on from the corner of my eyes.

11] During one of my eye surgeries (I think I was in Sec 1), I actually slipped at the hospital's shower and hit my nose on the tap. As a result, I had a deviated nasal septum and a higher nose bridge!

12] I chose to "celebrate" my 21st birthday in hospital to correct the above-mentioned deviated nasal septum, so that I could breathe easier, and also to take a break from my army training.

13] All through my teenage years, I harboured thoughts of killing myself in different ways, but I'm still alive because I just couldn't decide on the best method. I think it's something to do with my being a Scorpio.

14] I was a terribly shy kid, but the only time I wasn't shy, was when I sing. So I joined school choirs, competed in and won various singing competitions as a way to get rid of my stage fright.

15] I also started working part-time, not only to earn extra cash for my studies, but to boost my own self confidence and courage. My first job was at Burger King, and I helped set up the outlet at the then new OUB Centre in 1986. I remember memorizing my schoolwork while packing burgers. My counter sales was excellent; my school results not so much...

16] I had a very wide vocal range during my school days, and I could sing all the parts from bass to second soprano.

17] But after all that shouting of commands during my Basic Military Training ( BMT), I became a baritone-tenor. I could still do a mean falsetto though.

18] During BMT, I also encountered another horrific incident with the supernatural world, and it gave me my second high fever and I had to be sent to the hospital via the army medical centre's mini-bus.

19] On the way to the hospital, the above mini-bus broke down while collecting blood samples at the Central Manpower Base ( CMPB), and I was asked to wait an hour while the driver repaired the punctured tyre. During that hour, I bumped into Babes Conde, who's the musical director of the SAF Music & Drama Company ( MDC), and she asked me to audition for her there and then.

20] Despite my high fever, I passed the audition by singing " " from " ", although I was actually singing the Chyi Yu version. LOL

21] I only got posted into the MDC as a full time artiste a year later, after learning how to drive a three-tonner truck at the transport camp, and spending half a year as a service medic.

22] At the transport camp and medical centre, and even in MDC, I was asked to help design posters and create comic strips and illustrations for them. Those were generally well received, and it became my other passion. It's funny how Fate works, but that's how I "trained" to be doing what I'm doing right now.

23] After the army, I worked a couple of years at the Housing Development Board of Singapore as a draftsman, and singing at gigs on the side, and eventually saved up enough to get myself into Queensland University of Technology, in Brisbane, Australia. It was the best time of my life, and definitely a life-changing experience, and that's also when I got bitten by the travel bug.

24] For a decade, I'd paid my dues working day jobs in Architecture, and later on, an IT firm, all the while acting, singing and dancing in the nights and during weekends.

25] I wish to retire early, either in Australia, or in one of the lovely islands of Greece, such as Corfu.


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#23 At least that one didn't result in another high fever =D ;) Thanks for sharing with us :)
almost 12 years ago
Photo 168405
Haha, but perhaps it did - it gave me the travel fever, definitely a high! :P
almost 12 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
#10 How funny, I thought I was the only one who "saw things" in my peripheral vision (I don't have lazy eye, though). From time to time I'll see this cat we had from the early 80s to the early 90s. He was the best cat. After he died, we didn't get another cat for 10 years until this first cat appeared to my husband in a dream and told him: "it's time", meaning it was time to get another cat. We went to the animal shelter 2 days later and found our current most wonderful cat only 2 days before he was to be gassed. I still will occasionally see Snidely out of the corner of my eye. Because he and Henry (current cat companion) look so similar, I'll think its Henry, until I see Henry is somewhere else in the house and it couldn't have been him. Sometimes I think Snidely puts Henry up to getting into some mischief.:-) Henry and I have also seen the spirit of someone from the 1920s at the front door one night. It spooked both of us. Since there is a church with an old church yard behind my house, I'm surprised this is the only visitor we've had. I just told our "visitor" that he wasn't welcome, he could not come into the house and to keep moving. Thankfully, he never came back.
almost 12 years ago
Photo 168405
Wow thanks for sharing about your cats and your strange visitor, Marie! I have encountered way too many supernatural stuff to disregard any of it, but although they do drain our energies or influence us in other ways, most of the time they are harmless and just happened to be there. LOL I don't mind a spirit cat hanging around my place though, as long as it doesn't mess it up or eat up my foodstuff. Muahaha!
almost 12 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Well, we also have a spirit bird, but only the flesh and blood cat, Henry can see her. We had this parakeet (budgie) for over 10 years. She died only a few months before we got Henry. We used to keep the door of her cage open and she would fly around the room a lot. When Henry is playing with toys (or his own tail) on the stairs to the second floor, oftentimes he will begin tracking something like a bird is flying around over his head. He als sometimes sees her in the bedroom when he plays. I am convinced that he is seeing our parakeet, Azulito, though I have not seen her myself. She was a very feisty bird and it would be just like her to play with the cat! :-)
almost 12 years ago
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Hey Edric, I didn't know you were studying at QUT in Brisbane! I used to live in Brisbane... You were probably one of the Hsus in that city! ;-)
almost 12 years ago
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cool sharing. except for the seeing 'things' part...sigh must be dreadful to have those weird fevers, eye operations etc... Great that MDC gave u such good exposure
almost 12 years ago
Steph1 small
One of the most interesting 25's I have read so far! So real, honest and humble. :) You've done alot in your time, bro! :) You deserve where you have achieved yourself to be today! Kudos!
almost 12 years ago
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almost 12 years ago
Edric *hug*
almost 12 years ago


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