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HK School Kids + Eggs = Splat!!!

Spent one of my final days in HK with 'HK Access' on their last day of their term. The kids had a challenge involving eggs, paper, a plastic bag and some straws...

Basically they had to drop the egg and try to 'protect' it using the tools they had.

My group (obviously) won the most innovative design - which involved inflating the bag and wrapping the egg around it. Sadly, it ended in a splat.

Won't go into too much details: but here are the pics:

I managed to SPAM my name on the blackboard - MR KAN!!

My good and great friend - Georgina! YAY!

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I guess HK is much warmer than London. You looks enjoying a lot :-) I wanna see more pictures of it....
over 15 years ago
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Final days? Are you leaving Hong Kong man?
over 15 years ago


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