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Being a Daddy...

So, two weeks of being a daddy, and it's great!

Occasionally we have sleepless nights when he wakes up every hour wanting to eat or something...

All the people I know have been asking about what does it feel like being a dad, and well, I can't really explain it.  Half of it is unbelievable - that my wife and I can 'make' such a beautiful 'thing' and we made life! ~But at the same time, our son is like a gift to us.

His eyes started to have recognition in the last few days, and he's starting to see more, so it's getting more interesting. At the same time, I have to get on with some work instead of spending the whole day playing with him and staring endlessly at him.....

More pics soon, I've just been so 'out of it' as I'm staying with my in-laws for a month just to make sure baby is safe and it's nice to have ppl cook for you :)

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Jayfc 5d jayfc
My first boy just turned one year old.. It's hard to believe but honestly it just gets better and better... Congrats, bro..
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so beautiful ~
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