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Angry Baby!

2 weeks into fatherhood and I love it. Last night my baby son Zenith decided to have a growth spurt and demand his milk every hour allowing us to wake up every hour to his musical sound of crying.

After almost weeing on me while I attempted to change his nappy, a short quickie bath in luke warm water woke him up for a change.....

Anyone ever seen Zoolander? This is his pose anyway....

Angry. He's getting angry - a baby that knows what he wants :)

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wuuh~~~bruce lee! haha, congratulation~
over 15 years ago
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Hey congratulation!!! Baby's change you for sure, adds another dimension to your character (makes dog training seem easy) enjoy it ;)
over 15 years ago
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Awwww....congratulations. My Korean-born husband and I have 2 sons. It really is a miracle.
over 15 years ago


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