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Sushi Orgasms

Ok... So now the sushi we all went to the other day... There's no other way to describe it... Fuckin' Sexy!!! An Orgy in my mouth... man check it out... I esp like the blow torch cooked stuff.... ask dax and nani... we were all like MMMMMmmmmmmm (with eye's shut)... My personal Fav is the blow torched cooked scallop... omg sooo goood.... it was all damn good... we goobbled up so much sushi we almost forgot to take some pictures....


At first it may look like some laser gun cooking the sushi but actually its a butane torch...

This is the scallop sushi that was just the sushi bomb.... this picture makes my mouth water up all over again....

The place was called 'Itemae Sushi'.... You may have to wait a while to get a table but damn.... Damn i say it's worth it!!!

Here's another pic later on the night where me and my buddy Tommy pretended to be bond and bond chick... can you guess who is who?


Don da DonDonDon

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Photo 32330
hey don! where is this place?
over 16 years ago
Photo 37059
The restaurant is on Soy St. in mong kok ... in Chinese it's 板前壽司 there's also one in causwaybay across from world trade.... Sushi orgasms guaranteed....
over 16 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Dude you gotta take me there when I get back! The pad is looking good btw..
over 16 years ago


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