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Wow Beijing rocked... Had a lot of fun playing guitar for Kubert and Josie and I ate a lot of food...  So lets see the day we got there we hauled our equipment to the hotel and realised it was actually quite chilly... Luckily for me I checked the internet for the weather before packing and leaving.  We went to see the Modern Sky Festival venue and it was huge... It was like being at a very big 'Rockit' festival here in HK.

We had a little rehearsal  that night in a bandroom in Beijing... I couldn't believe how cheap it was and the equipment was not bad either... and the staff were helpful too...

The next day we had the show at 'Club Mao'... Now this is a kind of club needed in Hong Kong to grow our original music scene... Beijing are so lucky to have such venues in Beijing... I heard there were other ones there too D22 and  Ballhouse...  COME ON HONG KONG!!!! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN..... so anyway we got to club mao in the afternoon and did soundcheck and ate more  lamb skewers... those things are so addictive... My mouth waters ust thinking about it now.... I actually bought Skot and Kev Lunch and it only cost 30???  Then we headed back to the get the show started... 3 other bands played that night and they had some talent... Quite original too!!! Josie was on after the 3 bands followed by the last and headlining act Kubert.... Unfortunatly I forgot to bring my camera for this one.. Luckily Lisa wa sthere and she sent me some pics....


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ3mV5ipllc

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Cwe55er6I CLICK TO ENLARGE

OK the next gig was at the Modern Sky Festival... Kubert was the second act of that day on the mainstage.... It felt a little too early for some rocking tunes but I still got into the show....

CLICK TO ENLARGE So then we went  back to the hotel and dropped off our gear and came back to watch the yeahyeahyeahs.... The performance was great but the sound wasn't clear enuff... I think the sound guy must have heard something completely different.... ohh then it started raining and it got rather muddy... and there were umbrellas everywhere!!!... it was hard to see but i did get some shots....

MMMmmmmmmm Muddy....




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wow cool! awesome!
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Kevinli da kevinli
nice blog dude...u took the words right out of my mouth....
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oh sweet! more pictures!
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