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Styleframes from this past year

Well, since I don't want to continue being so irregular with my posts, here are a few images of some styleframes I worked on during the past year.

For motion graphics, before you ever start the animation process, there are two very important stages in the design process:  styleframes and storyboards.

Styleframes establish what a project will look like.  They are a few snapshots in time showing key moments  that show the color palette, the mood, the feel, etc.

These are some styleframes I worked on for a show pitch to HBO Sports.  The show was called 24/7:

These were for a branding video for a medical technology company called Medtronic:

And here are some for an awards presentation video for Hewlett-Packard.  The frames are extra widescreen because they were for a live presentation that utilized two HD projectors placed side to side, overlapping one another:

If you want to see some AMAZING examples of styleframes, check out this work by Nate Howe.

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