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Big Red Knob

One for the geeks.

It's hard enough getting a bandful of damn people playing in time let alone four laptops. Stopping and starting multiple bits of gear on stage while keeping a back-beat / drum machine / clock source running in the gaps (while you load the next song) then restarting everything in synch has always been a complete pain in the arse.

Maybe a pain no longer. Mungo Enterprises goes someway to solving this with a very simple - how should I put this - 'big fucking knob with a flashing LED' which you punch when you wish to re-start slave sequencers / gear on beat with your clock source. It automatically restarts all slave gear on the beginning of the next loop. Cool!

Still have no idea what I'm talking about? Read the next blog about a Japanese guy electrocuting his face in time with music.

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great! this would be enormously helpful to our project Sushi Robot, for which we need to sync Ableton Live with a Roland 808, a Kaos Pad and the LFO on the synth... however, 200 USD seems a little expensive, if you think that you can do pretty much the same, creating a chain of midi clock... will check out in details, though... C.
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Yeah $200 is a slightly expensive, but then I buy musical equipment that just looks cool :) You could probably run MAX MSP patch to do the same thing, but then you tied up to software and a laptop again. Nice getting away from computer onstage, really.
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true! and also, if you do not usually use Max, it costs 400 USD, so the mungo would be the cheaper option!! and it does look cool indeed... i thought you just use tracktor and mixer for your DJ set, though... why would you use anything like that? do you play with any more complex rig that i do not know about?
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When I started using Traktor I also ran Ableton (on a second laptop) on the side for loops and stuff, but I found keeping them in sync too difficult. Might try again, but to be honest, the crowd reaction was no better doing that, than if I stuck to one laptop and a DJ set. Loads of hassle... fuck all reward :)
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well, you do not only play for the crowds... if we all did, that'd be the end of music... try try try. i will be there to watch. and dance. C.
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