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Busy busy busy!  2011 really is the year for changes; as a result I've only had time for three blog-posts ... sorry about that.After opening my new bar in January (see the blog post embarrassingly nearby on this same page!), I recently launched a second wave of attack – a new visual effects / post-production company. Based around a loose crew of very talented friends, armed with our very own green-screen studio, more cameras & equipment than you can shake a stick at, an entire warehouse jammed full of computers & bleeding edge software. It was Go Time, basically.And WE ARE HIRING ... Looking for Hong Kong residents skilled in 3D, full-time & part-time positions; work at home, work at our offices in Chai Wan ... SKILLED and KEEN with kind of showreel.studio@disuye.com <- many positions ... if you're in Hong Kong & have any experience with Nuke / Mari (we are licensed for both), Maya, Houdini, 3DSMax, RayFire, Flume, Krakatoa, Python programming .... you get the idea ... drop me a line."But I thought you did music?" ... good question. I still do & will do music. It's just no longer my personal focus. I've been mixing, producing, editing, fixing, tuning, polishing, scoring plus a tiny bit of mastering for well over a decade and quite frankly I needed to stretch my brain a bit more. The studio is still functional, we just stripped it back to the essentials to make room for everything else.Showreel & a website will eventually go online, but for now check out some of the studio renovation photos.

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