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DIESEL world of shadows.

Not more then few weeks after Levis show I get in touch with Diesel that was also launching their new campaign - “Diesel Island” - something like “be stupid” but happening on an island. In order to enter this wonderful world, that suppose to be the less fucked up country on the planet Earth, people were receiving passports. And here I come. I supposed to play one of the officer giving some drawings, paintings, whatever to make this passport SPECIAL.

I thought about few guidelines in order to define my performance. Be stupid was the first - the game shouldn't be over intellectual, that's sure! Be quick – how to provide 100 artworks in 3 hours ? Be personal – if this country is so different the passport should be filled up with who you are inside. 

As result my brain vomited a pseudo-psychological game of auto definition. Listen to this. The customers were proposed 23 weird objects labeled with some definition like “ I love fried egg”, “I'm screwed up” etc.In the second instance they were choosing their favorite color (mostly pink) and then we were putting all this stuff on the passport and I was passing the spray/sprays over leaving a composition of shadows. I even wrote on the board behind my stand “ we live in the world of shadows” to make reference to Platon what was probably useless however it was giving some cultural references to this silly game. Maybe even it was making a deeper sense: our SELF is just a shadow of what it is in reality. However, whatever the last stage was a hairdryer and my stamp “ Approved by XYZ”. Welcome on the Diesel Island ![](/attachments/2011/07/04/00/318574_201107040049333.thumb.jpg)

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ah, that's what was going on. there was a crowd around you so I couldn't figure it out.
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Cute Smile :-P
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Cool concept!
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