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Diesel Beijing SANLITUN store opening + party!

Iconic Italian premium lifestyle brand, DIESEL, is pleased to announce the grand opening of their flagship store in China's capital city of BEIJING on November 19th, 2010.

Diesel's founder and owner, Renzo Rosso and his son, Stefano Rosso flew in from their hometown of Bassano (Italy) to Beijing to help launch the event in true Diesel style. To celebrate this milestone event, Diesel wants everyone to see double happiness in RED! It's no coincidence that RED is the color of celebration in Chinese culture, and ironically, "Rosso" means RED in Italian!

And what would be a Diesel party be without seeing the faces of some of the hottest celebrities? Among the star studded crowd at the Diesel Grand Opening party included leading actress Yao Chen (who also happens to have 3.5 million Weibo followers), rising actor/musician Shawn Yue, actress/model Angelababy, international star Kelly Hu, upcoming actress Zhou Dong Yu, and Chinese supermodel, Du Juan. Other celebrities/personalities included actresses Yu Nan, Lin Peng, Chen Ran; actors Song Ning and Qin Jun Jie; international models Lu Yan, Danny Li, and Philip Huang; fashion designer/socialite Ye Ming Zi; jewelry designer Wan Bao Bao; director Alexi Tan; MTV VJ Zhu Zhu and rock band Super VC. Everyone was seeing red with double happiness during this one unforgettable night!


Diesel的創始人及主席Renzo Rosso和他的兒子Stefano Rosso特別從他們的家鄉Bassno(意大利)飛到北京,一同啟動這個絕對Diesel風格的慶典活動。為了慶祝這一具有裏程碑意義的開幕盛事,Diesel要大家看到紅色雙層幸福!這並非巧合,因為紅色是中華文化的慶典色彩,而“Rosso”在意大利語中也是紅色的意思。

Diesel的派對當然又怎會少得了最熱門的名人面孔?當晚參加Diesel開幕盛典的嘉賓包括:著名演員“微博女王”姚晨、演員兼音樂人余文樂、國際影星Kelly Hu(胡凱莉)、炙手可熱的模特兼演員Angelababy(楊穎)、新晉演員周東雨、名模杜鵑、呂燕、李丹妮、Phillip Huang、I.T創始人沈嘉偉、導演陳奕利、演員余南、陳燃、林鵬、宋寧、秦俊傑、MTV主持人朱珠、名媛設計師萬寶寶、葉明子、搖滾樂隊果味VC等眾位風尚人士,與Diesel共度了一個難忘的紅雙喜之夜!



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sweet! great looking place. I'll check it out next time I'm SLT!
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