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Can anyone tell me what this is???

I was out and about at the grocery store in hongers and I had to look twice at this can before I fell to the floor. Heinz makes Spotted Dicks, whatever that is...


--"Honey!! Don't forget Heinz' Spotted Dick at the supermarket, ok?"

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"This is a traditional British sponge pudding made with golden syrup, suet and raisins. Best served hot with custard." The British weren't empire building; they were looking for edible food!
about 16 years ago
Photo 35167
Sounds Painful! Any antibiotic cream included?
about 16 years ago
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oh god, so unappetizing!
about 16 years ago
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>.< look at your face !!!
about 16 years ago
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Ah, catering for all them londoner ex pats. Reminding them of home.
about 16 years ago
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It's a sponge pudding with raisins in it. We pissed ourselves laughing as kids too. It's a regular classic school dinner in the UK.
about 16 years ago


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