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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share this new short-film with you here on 'AliveNotDead'!The short-film 'LOVE IS VENGEANCE' was written, produced and directed by Stefano Gonzalez.The project came from a comic-book concept and as a tribute to Bruce Lee and the recent 'Bruce Lee Convention' held here in Copenhagen, Denmark.Our work on this little project sparked our intere...Read more

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The little dragons birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here in Denmark Thanksgiving is not part of our cultural festivities but on Saturday, November 27th I will be participating in another great celebration..The celebration of what would have been The Little Dragon's 70th Birthday!Tony Lundberg founder of 'The Bruce Lee memorial fanclub and society' is hosting the 2'nd Official Bruce Lee Convention to...Read more

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New Film Project!

Hi Everybody, So November month saw me, director-writer Stefano Gonzalez, our amazing crew and actress Marinela Dekic (Pusher 3 & Wasteland Tales) out in the cold danish wilderness shooting a "pilot" for our new film project!I will premiere a promo-teaser here on 'AnD' end of this month!! I've been developing this project together with director Stefano Gonzalez and look forward to go into full production in the new year.Still can't reveal too much other than we will bring some old-school martial arts action and...Read more

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Wasteland Tales DVD Release!

Hi everybody, The winter weather has hit Copenhagen and I've been out shooting on location and am a bit behind with my blog here.October month saw the long awaited dvd release of 'Wasteland Tales'![](/attachments/2010/11/11/15/402234_201011111555301.thumb.jpg)Wasteland Tales is a feature film in the vein of 'Tales From The Crypt'. A compilation of short-films from six different directors. This time they all share the "post-apocalyptic theme" and '...Read more

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New Film Project with early promo-pictures.

So I've been really busy the last two months developing a new movie project. The project is coming along well and I'm happy to announce that the acclaimed Danish-Chilean writer-director Stefano Gonzalez has been attached to the film.Stefano Gonzalez is also the brother of my good friend and film-mentor Shaky Gonzalez (Pistoleros). The two brothers are both very talented film-makers, and are some of the front runners in the genre film-making of Denmark. They are both also graduates of the acclaimed 'Nati...Read more

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Martial Arts Movie Con!

Hi everyone, The last couple of months just went by so fast! Been very busy here in Copenhagen. Been working hard on a very promising!But let me track back a little bit.. I went on a weekend trip to Berlin in August to see my friend Conan Lee, he was one of the stars guesting 'The Martial Arts Movie Con' . A great show had been set up there, and I got to meet so many talented martial artists and actors.Read more

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Enter The AOF Film Festival 2010 and a Breakout Action Star.

Hi everyone!! Hope you all have had a great summer!

Haven't had a chance to sit down and update this blog in a while.. Been doing a bit of traveling recently.. From Barcelona to Los Angeles, back to Copenhagen, started shooting for an upcoming project and I just got back from a weekend in Berlin where I attended 'The Martial Art Movie Con'!It's sure been a busy summer and after some great adventures it's time to get back in serious "work-mode"!!Back to Los Ange...Read more

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Through Darkness Poster Exhibition!

Hi everybody! So here are some various posters from my directorial debut 'Ud Af Moerket' ( Through Darkness).First a Japanese promo-poster made by Shaky Gonzalez:Another poster by Shaky:And finally one by Shaun Rana:Read more

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Eastern Army Trailer!

Hi everybody, The trailer for one of my latest films 'Eastern Army' has finally arrived!Eastern Army was a very special project to me for many reasons..It's was written, produced and directed by my good friend Philip Th.Pedersen. A talented Danish-Canadian director who I've been working with on a number of smaller projects through the past years.. Philip also share his love for "b-movies" and Lance Henriksen with me. So we always had a good work-chemistry ;)I remember when he first pitched the project to me. At...Read more

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Going in Wing Tsun mode!

Seems everyone has seen Ip Man 2 but me!! I love living in Copenhagen.. But the movie selection in the theaters here are just not up to date with what I want to see! Hmm..  I seriously miss the theaters in Tokyo! At least I could keep myself updated with the latest asian-cinema.. I've been looking so much forward to see Donnie, Sammo and Darren Shahlavi back in action!! Guess I gotta wait for the dvd once again..As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I'm also a student of the Wing Tsun style. Started training when I was 13, and a...Read more

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