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Karate-Master Vs Subtitles and other craziness from DK!

Hi everyone! Well, the summer still hasn't hit Denmark as of speaking.. If the volcano-ash would stop acting up I hope I will get a chance to chase down the good weather in southern Europe one of these days!Recently did a short cm for Danish national tv channel DR. The cm was directed by the very talented cm-director Mathias Deichmann.. I portray a Japanese karate-master who despite his awesome skills just can't get rid of the damn subtitles! I like Mathias humour and also thought it would be go...Read more

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Movie Battle 2010

Hi everyone!Hope you all had a great Easter!Here in Copenhagen we ended our easter holidays April 9th with a fantastic film-festival.Movie Battle 2010 presented the 1st 'post-apocalyptic' film-festival in Denmark!Among the movies premiering that night were a couple of my good friends latest work..The Last Warrior (Shaky Gonzalez), Eastern Army (Philip Th.Pedersen), Max Fury (Jack Hansen).All the...Read more

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Way Of The Indies.. Part Two.

In this little blog I'd like to give a shout out to my film buddy Danish director Shaun Rana. Shaun Rana is probably one of the most innovative young directors coming out of Denmark right now.His feature film debut Westbrick Murders ( Starring my film-partner Daniell Edwards ) is having a worldwide release over the next couple of months.The title of my favourite film-book 'A Rebel Without A Crew' is probably the best way to describe Shaun.On Westbrick Murders his job titles included Director, Editor, Cinematographer,...Read more

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Through Darkness to L.A. and Enter The Eastern Army once again!

Hope  everyone had a good start into The New Year! I was not able to update many of my friends about my work the last couple of months since post-production on my own movie Through Darkness was so intense that we basically moved into the sound-studio through November-December and totally isolated ourselves!It finally all came to a satisfying end and our movi...Read more

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Video shoot and new movie!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_tZsvso6Q

Hi everyone,

I recently had the pleasure of working with danish director Lasse Spang Olsen on a video shoot for new danish artist Christal.

My friend actor/stunt co-ordinator Adam Brix was the choreographer and he brought me in to get my ass kicked!

I have for a long time been an admirer of Lasse`s work. Him and his brother actually founded the professional stunt organisation i...Read more

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Way of the indies..

Hi everyone,

Its almost November and I realised I havent blogged in ages.. Since my last blog I found myself entering a new phase of my life.. My 30 `s!!

Turned 30 years old in July. I know I´m still a young sprog but as an actor I´m quite excited entering a more authorative age;)

My film-making partner Daniell Edwards and I are furiously working on our directing debut Ud af Mørket (Through Darkness) we are in post-production and coming close to our sound-mix phase.

Indie movie making is rough ...Read more

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Ud Af Moerket - Teaser (Through Darkness)

Teaser for my new movie Ud Af Moerket (Through Darkness)

The movie is still in production. But here is an early peek!

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zC8tT5qYJ4A

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Ud Af Moerket.. Through Darkness..

Hi everyone!

Here is my May update from Copenhagen, Denmark!

We have almost finished the filming of my movie Ud Af Moerket AKA Through Darkness.. Only got some pick-up shots to get out of the way now.

It has been a long, daunting process. But it has moreover been a very rewarding time. As I've men...Read more

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Enter The Eastern Army!

H appy Easter everyone!

I recently finished work on a project called "Eastern Army".  The film was directed by my friend Philip Th. Pedersen. Last time we worked together was on a short film of his called "Between Brothers". I remember sitting in a car delivering heavy drama for most of that shoot.. This time was a total different pace!

Eastern Army is a post-apocalyptic action drama. Shot on location in Denmark...Read more

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Beautiful Springtime

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89fOMZyoIYc First big thanks to everybody who has been welcoming me to AnD!!

I'm still in production of my new movie "Ud Af Moeket". It's going well but keeping me pretty busy these days!

When I have some free time I try to catch up on new movie releases or tv shows that I've missed out on..

I recently found an episode of the Discovery show FIGHT QUEST. I had been mean...Read more

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