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Copenhagen Barefoot.. Run free!

'Copenhagen Barefoot' introduces the first barefoot race in Copenhagen!!

The outline starts with.. Two guys who loved running. Too many injuries and Barefoot Running was the solution for both and that was the beginning of Copenhagen Barefoot..

A good friend of mine is one of the organizers of this amazing event, and to help promote this groundbreaking rebel-run he started shooting a couple of short "campaign-videos".. One of these fantastic shorts is the story of "Barefoot Boy".. An...Read more

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The Last Demon Slayer Character-Gallery.

Just got these amazing "teaser-posters" of some of the holy warriors..

'The Last Demon Slayer' is the new movie from Danish/Chilean director Shaky Gonzalez.

Proud to be a part of this project! Check em out!

My buddy Daniell Edwards as the mean Spartan Warrior Anaxander!

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The Last Demon Slayer Teaser Poster.

Just got this very early teaser-poster from our director Shaky Gonzalez..

The shoot is going well and it's great working with "The Demon Slayer Cast & Crew".

I have had the chance to work with some old friends which is always fun..

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Shooting The Last Demonslayer.

A day on the shoot of 'The Last Demonslayer'.

This part of the movie is being shot on the famous studios of 'Filmbyen'.

These studios are used for most Danish productions and is now laying house to our epic fantasy film!

On this early morning shoot I get a chance to slowly wake up as make-up artist Cecilie Mindegaard gets me ready so I can look like the warrior I'm supposed to be.

This is actually the third time I work with Cecilie who is not only a very talented make-up artis...Read more

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We Are All One.

I recently stumbled over the following quotes from martial artist, fighter, actor and now singer Genki Sudo.."We look at our world and can see that the majority of strife comes from division. War, prejudice and bigotry – all of these social ills require that their participants share the false belief that “you are different from me".With his slogan “WE ARE ALL ONE” Genki advocated the prima...Read more

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Heart goes out to Japan.

Living in Japan the chance of earthquakes is often in the back of our minds.. And when discussing earthquakes one would always come to the matter that "the big one" was still to come..

Most of my family are in the Tokyo area. They all got away safe from the experience.. Now they are preparing themselves, their homes etc should the next one come..

My heart goes out to the people that lost their family and homes in Northern Japan..

I pray for a strong recovery. Keep your courage up. God bless you all ...Read more

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The Last Demon Slayer!

Hi everyone,

Hope you all came well into the new year!

The big film news here in Denmark is that Danish director Susanne Bier received the Oscar for best foreign language film for her movie 'In a Better World'! Big congrats to the whole Zentropa team and to Ms. Bier!!

With Danish film in focus I thought it would be a good time to start my blog about my experiences working on an upcoming project by my good friend Shaky Gonzalez.

The Chilean born, Denmark raised director was schooled the same place...Read more

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Japanese Warrior getting ready for action!

Hi everyone,

I'm on a film-shoot these days.

It's been very busy, but is going well. Unfortunately I can't say much yet other than I think and hope this one will be a true classic for the action fans..

I was allowed to show you here on 'AnD' a picture of myself trying out my beautiful designed costume.. Getting ready for action!

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Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark!

My full THEATRICAL-REEL is now online, including a small scene from my directorial debut the Danish movie 'Through Darkness'.

Hope you'll find it entertaining!

Happy holidays everyone!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4bAbgY5DwM

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New Montage-Reel!

Hi everyone, Wanted to share this new little 'Montage-Reel' with you here..A bit of old and new. Hope you'll find it interesting!Happy holidays and all the best to you!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGnHC19qELA

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