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YONE in Shanghai!!! 米原康正上海展览!!!

Dear all!!! Its been a while. But i have been so busy with all art related stuff these days that i havent had time to update my blogs. So where do i start??? lets start with the most exciting exhibition that i have curated this year. YONE in Shanghai!!!As many of you may know, Yone is one of the most important photographer from Japan doing. His subjects are usually beautiful girls wearing very few (if any) clothes, and most of these girls are very famous celebrities or in some instances AV stars. the outcome of the event was so great, over 500 people came for the opening and everyone had fun. So lets recap!!!![](/attachments/2009/05/05/23/71723_200905052301321.thumb.jpg)This is my gallery...Fans are already waiting for the opening...Yone Signing!!![](/attachments/2009/05/05/23/71723_200905052340581.thumb.jpg)People are waiting for the shows to start!!!![](/attachments/2009/05/06/02/71723_200905060248081.thumb.jpg)The Show has started!!![](/attachments/2009/05/06/02/71723_200905060248085.thumb.jpg)Here comes some of the works!!!!! AWESOME!!!![](/attachments/2009/05/06/02/71723_200905060248086.thumb.jpg)To the right is another AND artists, LI ZANThere was also a live performence!!!!And YONE is once again doing his MAGIC....ME and YONE....WHAT A SUCCESSWe also had an after party afterwards at the famous BLING......thank you BLING for sponsoring the event.YONE is also a DJ....LASTLY, the great thing is that the book for the exhibition is all sold out. WOW!!!!! next stop is try to sell some of the photos.......so pls let me know if anyone is interested haha...this coming SAT, May the 9th, we will also be doing Ai Jing's solo exhibition. Aijing is one of the most famous singer in China in the 90s. Her first album sold for more than 6 million copies in China and 10 million copies in the whole ASIA. She started to paint 10 years ago and after several museum show, this will be her first gallery exhibition. So please come if anyone is in SHANGHAI and interested in art or Ai Jing's music.

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about 15 years ago
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yeah bro its was a sweet show, I'll always drop by and show support when I can~
about 15 years ago
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wow, i gotta get into art. :-D
about 15 years ago
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wow, cool. a line out the door, always nice to see!
about 15 years ago
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killer hope to see one of your shows someday
about 15 years ago
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wish i can be there
almost 15 years ago
hey Congrats !!! Great to see you updating your blog !! When will i be invited to your next show/?
almost 15 years ago


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