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Undiscovered Gem... Serj Tankian's Solo Work

Having been a fan of System of a Down, many like myself were saddened by the semi-permanent break up of the band...

I suppose I can't really call myself a superfan, since I just recently, that means wednesday past... discovered Serj Tankian's solo album called "Elect the dead"

Below are a couple of songs off the album, Lie, Lie, Lie later became the theme song to the TV series, "Fear Itself"... Check out the full album, a few slow songs in there as well as a few crisper sounding melodic tunes...






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Jayson 93 2
Great tunes but still looking forward to the day when they're together again and he's screaming "We will fight the heathens, We will fight the heathens". :)
about 11 years ago


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