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The Cure | The Cure |The Cure

Went to The Cure show here in Hong Kong last night and what an impressive show it was! I went in thinking it was going to be a fat and old Robert Smith playing a couple classics then mostly a bunch of newer stuff that no one really knew for 45 minutes. To my surprise, however, their set lasted almost three hours and was chocked full of the old school goodies! And although he is old and fat now, his voice sounds as good and strong as ever.

I hobbled in on my crutches to the standing room floor area of the Asian Expo Arena...Read more

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R.I.P. Edward Yang | 安息,楊德昌 | 安息,杨德昌

I went to the Hong Kong memorial service of Edward Yang yesterday. I didn't know him too well but the few times I got to spend with him were always inspiring to me. Although considered one of Taiwan's great filmmakers, winning Best Director in Cannes, he is also probably one of the most underrated and least known in the international film community.

Always kind, warm and generou...Read more

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Holy Crap pt. 2!!! | 難以置信!!! |难以置信!!!

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/v/hMnk7lh9M3o

My friend from New York, Aaron sent this to me. It is so hilarious! It's about 1500 prisoners in the Phillipines doing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance. For you young kinds out there, look up the original video. So many questions...why? how? what for?I can't believe they organized so many people to do this. The girl is super funny and the Micael Jackson guy looks like Yao Ming....Read more

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Blood Brothers | 天堂口 | 天堂口

The fancy website is up for Blood Brothers. You can check it out here.

|影片《天堂口》的迷人網站開通了,到 這裏看片花。|Read more

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MUSIC!! | 音樂!! |音樂!!

OK, I've been back in HK for  a week already and have not done too much, thus the lack of blogging. I went to the dog park the other day and was reminded why I dislike the HK outdoors. I now have at least 15 mosquito bites on my arms and legs. Couldn't they just leave a poor cripple alone? So now I have retreated to the indoors with air con and no bugs, mostly parked in front of my computer dowloading music (from itunes...legally!) and trying to figure out my new blackberry (having trouble syncing with my mac). Of all the downl...Read more

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Back in Hong Kong | 回到香港 | 回到香港

        Sadly ,my two months in New York are over but at least I can't say I had an uneventful time. I'm back in Hong Kong now and am already missing the place. It really truly is a great city.

We spent our last day in NY as leisurely as possible. Sad to go but also glad to go back home. Being in NY with a broken leg can be quite a drag.

We started the day by...Read more

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MoMa | 現代藝術博物館 | 现代艺术博物馆

Went to the MoMa yesterday with Lisa and my good ol' friend Dan and his wife Michelle. I've been friends with Dan since we were 12. 20 years is long for anything these days, specially a good friendship. We started a band together our Junior year in highschool. Dan played drums and I played bass. Our name was Guy Smiley after the gameshow host that sometimes appeared on Seseame Street.

As you...Read more

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Neil Leifer | Neil Leifer |Neil Leifer

Went out to dinner with my friend Neil Leifer on Tuesday. Neil is a legend in the world of photo journalism. He took this iconic shot of Ali when he knocked out Sonny Liston back in the day. Pretty much any awesome photo of Ali was taken by him.

The photgrapher between Ali's legs standing there with a blank expression on his face was THE sports photgrapher of the time but he was on ...Read more

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Terry Richardson | Terry Richardson | Terry Richardson

Did a photo shoot with the famous and infamous Terry Richardson on Monday. My new NY/SF pal/landlord, Dan The Automator is freinds with him so he came down to the shoot to help add to the atmosphere. It turned out to be an easy and fun shoot. I wish all photo shoots were this cool. Watch out for it on the September issue of City Magazine China.

Dan The Automator, Eag...Read more

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Got my stitches out today! | 今天拆線了! | 今天拆线了!

Got my stitches out today. All 13. I was also able to get a good look at the leg. All I have to say is, it's not a pretty sight so I'll spare all y'all from having to look at nasty pictures. But here is the new x-ray with all the plates in my leg! It's actually pretty amazing at what they can do now. Most of that stuff will be removed later but that long plate down the fibula is staying for good. I guess I have to stay away from high-power magnets from now on.

Read more

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