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New York! New York! |纽约!纽约! | 紐約!紐約!

San Francisco to Hong Kong to New York in less than a week, not fun. Specially the heinously long flight from HK to NY. That sucked except that I ran into Russell Wong and his wife(yes, that Russell Wong) at my stopover in Seoul. He gave me a Chinese taxi service number that I ended up having to use when my arranged ride from JFK didn't show up. Thanks Russell and Flora!

Been here two days and am just settling in. Walking rocks! I love walking around, something I don't do in HK anymore. My legs and back are sore as hell but it's awesome gettting to know the city this way. I haven't even used the subway yet but plan to do that tomorrow. New York is so rad.

Can't figure out how to turn this upright(web guys,help?) so tilt your head to the left. This is one big ass piece of meat. I've seen these at shwarma joints before but this one is big!! I walked past it and had to do a double take.

This is my best-friend from architecture school Dan. He designed that place in the background. It's the Aveda institute. Looks cool on the inside, too bad it wasn't open. We went to some crappy bar to watch the De La Hoya- Mayweather fight. We paid $20 to get in and there were no chairs or air conditioning in the joint. We were stupid and forgot there were undercard fights so we stood for 3 hours watching lousy fights before the main event. When we got out, we were sweatier and more tired than either De La Hoya or Mayweather.

Overall, I am liking New York a lot. It definitly kicks LA's ass.

|不到一周的時間從三藩到香港再到紐約,不好玩。尤其是香港到紐約討厭的長途飛行,除了在漢城轉機時我跑去找王盛德和他妻子(是的,是你說的那個王盛德)。他給了我一張中國出租車服務的號碼,這樣我從 JFK機場沒有找到預先租好的出租車時剛好用上了。謝謝 Russell和 Flora!

呆了 2天,才剛安頓下來。散步真舒服!我喜歡到處走走,在香港從沒散過步。我的腿和背痛得不行,但這是認識這座城市的極好辦法。我沒坐過地鐵,但明天打算去試試。紐約真的太棒了。

不曉得要怎樣把這張照片豎起來(網站的朋友們,幫個忙?)要不你把頭往左邊側著看吧。這是一塊巨大的肉。我曾經看過 shwarma大塊肉,但這個更大!我路過之後又退回來好好看它。

這是我建築學校的最好的朋友 Dan。後面的 Aveda學院就是他設計的。裏面很酷,但很可惜今天沒開。我們去了一個很差勁的酒吧看 De La Hoya對 Mayweather的拳擊賽,付了 20美元進去,裏面連沒有椅子和空調都沒有。我們太傻了,忘了這是拳擊賽,我們站了 3個小時,在正式比賽前看噁心的拳擊。出來時滿身大汗,比 De La Hoya和 Mayweather還要累。


JFK机场没有找到预先租好的出租车时刚好用上了。谢谢 Russell和 Flora!

呆了 2天,才刚安顿下来。散步真舒服!我喜欢到处走走,在香港从没散过步。我的腿和背痛得不行,但这是认识这座城市的极好办法。我没坐过地铁,但明天打算去试试。纽约真的太棒了。

不晓得要怎样把这张照片竖起来(网站的朋友们,帮个忙?)要不你把头往左边侧着看吧。这是一块巨大的肉。我曾经看过 shwarma大块肉,但这个更大!我路过之后又退回来好好看它。

这是我建筑学校的最好的朋友 Dan。后面的 Aveda学院就是他设计的。里面很酷,但很可惜今天没开。我们去了一个很差劲的酒吧看 De La Hoya对 Mayweather的拳击赛,付了 20美元进去,里面连没有椅子和空调都没有。我们太傻了,忘了这是拳击赛,我们站了 3个小时,在正式比赛前看恶心的拳击。出来时满身大汗,比 De La Hoya和 Mayweather还要累。


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glad you're enjoying the big apple! i enjoy it in small amounts, i don't know if i could take living there though. :-P
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
Hey Dan, I fixed up the images and links a bit. They weren't quite showing up at first post. Next time you see Russell and Flora tell them howdy from me. Russell and I used to train together with He Jing De back in L.A. a few years back. (Not that you'll be seeing him anytime soon .... )
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Default avatar
Ooh...I heart NY. Remember to eat lot's of pizza, cupcakes, and don't forget the frozen hot chocolate. Go check out the bodies exhibit too. Don't you just rotate the picture and then upload it? Have fun but try not to get mobbed by fans in Chinatown.
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Photo 23456
Is the food good there? lol!~ Take a good rest after such long flights!^^
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Photo 23781
Some nice days,congratulations to you & hope you"ll be happy all the next days.hahaha...
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Photo 9236
hey there're good things abt LA too!!! XD
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Photo 291
o ya~ NY does rock, i so wanna visit again cos my last visit was sooo short. Oh n i use to love Oscar De La Hoya
over 11 years ago | flag as spam
Photo 5274
wow.. thats alot of time spent travelling in e air! Wanna go NY someday too... Enjoy yrself! if u open yr pics in some photo viewing format in yr pc, there shld be a 'turn clockwise or anti-clockwise' icon.. turn n save as a separate file n u can start to upload! Waiting to see more pics from you~ Come in more often & blog ya?! Take care & enjoy yrself! Claudia
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Photo 23070
HERE'S the LINK OF rightuped pic ..... http://www.alivenotdead.com/attachments/2007/05/23070_200705071620361.thumb.jpg enjoin your study like in NY,daniel.
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Photo 23468
What's that slab of meat? Pork? Beef? Elephant?!
over 11 years ago | flag as spam
Hey nice pics!! NY is one of the places I always wanted to visit, so be sure to blog more abt it =) (never been to the states yet at all) Anyways...that's one enormous piece of kebab lol Have fun!!
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Photo 16452
Nice pics of NY. Is Shwarma an american saying for that big slab of beef? Isn't called doner kebab?
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Photo 16256
Summers in NYC are similar to HK, aren't they? Also the grime and noise and people to land ratio (ok, not sure about that one). There's no reason you wouldn't feel very much at home. You're probably going to spot a lot of Hollywood celebs, so please keep a running tab and tell us who you see. The Olsen twins (haha, like they're hot), Gwynnie, Jaky, Natalie; they're crawling all over the place. Tell us how the first day of class goes. To be critiqued by your peers, performing exercises e.g. show how a flower grows, etc. haha.
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Photo 324
NY weather is UNPREDICTABLE! it was COLD yesterday....probably warmer this week! "When we got out, we were sweatier and more tired than either De La Hoya or Mayweather." <--tht CRACKS ME UP!!!! LOL!!!! don't use subway. enjoy the daylight above the street as much as you can in NY. it's ALWAYS beautiful. subway can be as sweaty as your bar experience!!! i don't know any place in West Village to recommend for sports game, but i usually go to Billiards in Chinatown to watch the NBA playoffs. 2 plasma, few billiard tables, and nice sweet pretty fun bartenders!!! the place is huge! but they don't serve hard alcohol. mostly sake and wine. beer of course. (wondering...will i bump into you?? hahaha!!)
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Photo 23255
wow~ u're in NYC now! good news for a lot of the ppl in NYC le~ NYC has too much good food... Iron Chef Morimoto's Morimoto, Buddakan (big golden buddha, great for partying), Nobu, Le Bernadine (super yummy seafood, great deal during lunch), Bouley (creative yet classy desserts, also great deal during lunch), Lu Ming Chun in either Manhattan or Queens chinatown (great and reasonably priced crab powder siao luen bao), Junior's cheesecakes, and Serendipity III's big big chocolate drink... Oh.. also don't miss Wicked and Jersey Boys, very very good musicals!!
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Photo 16258
WOW that is some big ass piece of meat!!!!! So we see you're having fun walking around exploring then. I'm not a big fan of walking, but in a foreign surrounding I guess I wouldn't mind. Oh yes you're an architecture graduate aren't u? Would love to see some of your work. Anyways be sure to tell us how your class goes.. Maybe you can share some skills and I can nick them off ya :) Hope all goes well! Takecare and have loads more fun!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
ok, the picture of the meat should be fixed. have fun in ny!
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Photo 18286
I wonder how good is that big piece of meat taste. hehehe
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Photo 23700
i cant stop looking at the meet..... lllooolll...... hungry now...
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Photo 15891
Meat reminds me of a beehive now that it's upright....otherwise it looked more phallic the other way.....*giggle*
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Photo 22475
i <3 new york.. except during the summer, its scorching hot.. ew long airplane flights.. 5 things i hate about airplane flights: they are long, they stink-literally, bad seats, static that makes your hair stick to your face and it just makes you feel unclean.. yah im a germaphobe and i have ocd with cleanness. hope u have fun in n.y.
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Photo 23494
You are so lucky that you can go to so many famous city!
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Photo 23591
Not sure how long you'll be in NY but you'll never get bored for sure. There are tons of things to do and eat in NY. You should definitely see some broadway shows when you have a chance.
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Photo 23226
Wow so much travelling around. From SF to Hong Kong to New York. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, though. Also that's one voluminous piece of meat. It has the same shape as a lotus root. haha
over 11 years ago | flag as spam
Hmmm.. the part of you ranning into Russell Wong.. wonder if that became the best sight in seoul, lol!
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Photo 18265
wow~~ so quickly travel! take care of ur body!
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Photo 1303
good that you have some free time catching up with friend and relax.. take care
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Photo 791
New York rocks, but Boston rocks more!!! =) Come visit and take a lookie for yourself =) Enjoy NYC --- and Boston is only 4 hours away by bus, 2 hours by plane or was it 1 hour?! Don't take the train, that's forever!!!
over 11 years ago | flag as spam
Photo 791
Oh yes, if you have a Bank of America card or MBNA card, you can go to various museums for FREE around NYC --- check it out: http://www.bankofamericapromotions.com/museums/ (offer ends May 31st) This also applies to other selected cities, including Boston! =)
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Photo 23778
i am currently watching my figure...
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Photo 1831
I've never been to NY before. Seems like you're enjoying it there though!
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Photo 7208
you think walking in NYC is tiring?? i actually think it's more tiring walking in HK. my friends chauffeured us around when we visited NYC so we were able to skip out on a lot of walking and plus they had taxi everywhere. in HK, i tried hailing a taxi, but most of them are taken. of course, you're prolly used to the special treatment of having a driver pick you up most of the time or you drive yourself. i cannot live without a car!
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Photo 24104
Dude, I live in NY and I've NEVER seen that big of a piece of meat before. Where did you take that and how long you gonna be in NYC?
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Photo 33886
over 11 years ago | flag as spam
Default avatar
da meat cant be one piece....got to be kiddin....
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Photo 24104
That's a gyro bro. I can't eat those anymore. Maybe when I was a teen. It looks like you were walking around Sullivan Street. They place looks somewhat familar. One of those kebob stores. Also, how did you avoid the pot dealers around the entrances? Somehow I seem to attract them. Don't know why...
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Photo 490870
我怎么直到现在才发现这个可爱的博客~~ 好困啊 我要睡觉了
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