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what's up everybody.. yeah it's been a loong time!!|大家好嗎…好久沒寫博客了!!

old video of dan skating at he's best.. haha!!

| Dan原先玩滑板時的最佳狀態…哈哈!| Dan原先玩滑板时的最佳状态…哈哈!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fcd2X3DE-pE This is nigel ong's new skate training video I help produce!

| 這是我幫忙出品的nigel ong新滑板教學錄象! | 这是我帮忙出品的nigel ong新滑板教学录象!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPWPtFxNOVQ&mode=related&search= Jin recording "jiu jo" at drum

| Jin為"jiu jo"錄音| Jin为"jiu jo"录音

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWXhqaNS_YU How's everyone.. back from the wilderness!!

Just have been mad busy!!!

need a holiday!!

Hawaii is coming up and that'll will suffice for now!!!!

Just spent a week with Andrew Lin in Shanghai shooting the new JW comercial!!

It's pretty cool concept.. more of a series of short film than a commercial!!

Quite a coo! concept created by the heads at BBH!

David Tsui was the director.. totally dope director, who i feel has all the qualifications and more to shoot a film!! He's one of HK's top commercial directors.. I worked with him 10yrs ago on a Nestea commercial HK.

Alot of fun!!

Got the shit massaged out of me after shoots but still not enough!!

Shanghai is a pretty dope place to visit!!! cheap arse but good food!!

Before then I was in Beijing.. checking out the music scene and talk film!!

At the moment.. finishing off 24 herbs album!!

It's mastered and sounding super solid!!

proud to hear mc jin's verse in the remix of "jiu jo".. we're feeling you jin!!!

The 24 herbs boys we'll be in the studio rehearsing this week for the Diseal/AnD show on next Thursday!!

Hell Yeah!! 24 herbs and Dan the automater (Dan's buddy)

We have Dan's Birthday.. happy birthday to the p.boy!!! [p can be pretty or pussy]

On the brink of finishing the training videos for skate, bmx, inline!!!

Anyhow.. I'll be publising more photos, videos..

In the meantime take care

and Peace


| 大家都還好嗎…從荒野回來了!! 最近忙到瘋!!! 需要放假!! 要去夏威夷了,一定很棒!!!! 跟連凱在上海呆了一周拍攝新的JW廣告!!! 很酷的概念..更象是在拍電影!!! 非常酷! BBH充滿創意! David Tsui是很棒的導演,我認為他完全有能力去拍電影!!他是香港廣告片頂級導演之一,十年前我跟他合作拍攝過香港的雀巢廣告。 很有趣!! 拍完後去享受了按摩,還沒休息夠!! 上海很漂亮!!!餐館價廉物美!!


24 Herbs的專輯已經完成!! 策劃及效果都超棒!! 很開心聽到MC Jin在"jiu jo"中的混音…我們能感覺到你,Jin!!! 這周24 Herbs將在錄音室為下周四的Diseal/AnD show作排練!!

Hell Yeah!! 24 herbs及Dan the automater (Daniel的好朋友)。


保重 及和平


| 大家都还好吗…从荒野回来了!! 最近忙到疯!!! 需要放假!! 要去夏威夷了,一定很棒!!!! 跟连凯在上海呆了一周拍摄新的JW广告!!! 很酷的概念..更象是在拍电影!!! 非常酷! BBH充满创意!

David Tsui是很棒的导演,我认为他完全有能力去拍电影!!他是香港广告片顶级导演之一,十年前我跟他合作拍摄过香港的雀巢广告。 很有趣!! 拍完后去享受了按摩,还没休息够!! 上海很漂亮!!!餐馆价廉物美!!


24 Herbs的专辑已经完成!! 策划及效果都超棒!! 很开心听到MC Jin在"jiu jo"中的混音…我们能感觉到你,Jin!!! 这周24 Herbs将在录音室为下周四的Diseal/AnD show作排练!!

Hell Yeah!! 24 herbs及Dan the automater (Daniel的好朋友)。我们庆祝了Dan的生日…生日快乐,P男孩!!!(P可以是漂亮或娘娘腔)即将完成skate、bmx、inline的教学录象!!!我还会发布更多照片和视频..

保重及和平[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]


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they massaged the what out of you?!?
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wow. those are some pretty crazy cool videos.
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