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RTPK MTV and 24 HerbsGigs Sept/Oct

Peace Enlightened Ones,Hope you all are chillin to the max!!!RTPK music video is finally out!!!!!

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=pZlAjnNR5DU&eurl=http://www.alivenotdead.com/24herbsThanks to alivenotdead.com and all the heads that came and helped out on the video!!!Really rolling drunk by the end!!!!!!Thanks to Alex Smith..a great director that we feel privileged to work with!!!!!!One of the nicest guys!!!!You can check his other videos on AnD. they include coldplay, the darkness, peaches and iggy pop.. the list goes on!!! RESPECT TOU POOK KAI TO YOU ALL!!Coming the next month we'll be heading to Singapore and Thailand for a couple of gigs!!!!!!!!The boys and I are super-psyched!!! PARTY HONGMUTHAFUCKINKONG STYLE!!!We'll be heading to Singapore next week 22nd till 25th..On the 24th will be playing at Luna!!!!So all you AnD singapore heads roll down and bring your peeps!!!Love to party with you all!!!!!!!!We're going to rock it mad english/canto style!!!!.. this one's BIG!11th Oct.ASIAN HIP HOP FESTIVALTHAILAND BANGKOK IMPACT ARENANAS, THAITANIUM, ZEBRA, MC HOTDOG, JOE FLIZZOW, BEATMATHICS, MAXIMUMCREW/ ONESUNAND YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD RAP GROUP24HERBSUNDERGROUND, OVERGROUND.. MUT LAN GOUND???THIS IS ALL GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!Look forward to seeing you heads out there!!!PARTY THAI STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SANUK CHIP HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Till next time postivity, enlightenment and RESPECT TOU POOK KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PeaceConroy" WHAT YOU LOOKING AT!!!???? "ALEX SMITH RTPK DIRECTOR, his idea for the hat...The Boys: just about happy hour time!!!!![](/attachments/2008/09/9_200809200015292.thumb.jpg)The Boys: Finishing the Game and The Heavenly Kings.. Beef 'O' Rama

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can't wait for Bangkok!
over 15 years ago
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good times!
over 15 years ago
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Big big RTPK !!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the gigs - have loads of fun and I'm gonna try and make the Bangkok one!!!! Thanks for comin last night. see ya real soon :0) x
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