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Dream Home | 維多利亞壹號 | 维多利亚壹号

“DREAM HOME”SYNOPSISWhen she was a child, Cheng Lai-Sheung (Josie Ho) could see Hong Kong’s famed Victoria harbour from her apartment. But as time passed, the old buildings in front of her home were demolished to make way for a huge residential project – ‘No. 1 Victoria Bay’ that now blocks her view. Increasingly disappointed and upset, she vowed to one day save up enough money for her family to move into ‘No. 1 Victoria Bay’ with a magnificent sea view.In order to achieve her dream, Cheng has to work hard at two full-time jobs. She even goes as far as stealing customer data to sell to other companies. However, no matter how much she toils, she cannot earn enough to keep up with the ever-increasing values of Hong Kong’s real estate. Since property prices keep leaping higher, her dream home now seems forever out of reach…until suddenly, it dawns on her: in order to get what she wants, she must take matters into her own hands… even if it means getting her hands seriously bloody.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1GFuHHNAj4 | 《維多利亞壹號》


小時候,鄭麗嫦一家居住在狹小的唐樓裡,她的夢想便是快點長大,掙多點錢,給家人買所好房子。可是舊樓拆去,建了私人屋苑 – 維多利亞壹號。她一直希望能在那裡買一個單位。她拼命工作,幹著多份兼職,甚至挺而走險,偷賣公司資料,幾經艱苦才儲了首期,付了訂金。一家人也高興不已。




Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1GFuHHNAj4| 《维多利亚壹号》


小时候,郑丽嫦一家居住在狭小的唐楼里,她的梦想便是快点长大,挣多点钱,给家人买所好房子。可是旧楼拆去,建了私人屋苑– 维多利亚壹号。她一直希望能在那里买一个单位。她拼命工作,干着多份兼职,甚至挺而走险,偷卖公司资料,几经艰苦才储了首期,付了订金。一家人也高兴不已。




Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1GFuHHNAj4

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Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
congrats on producing this and getting it into Tribeca film fest.
over 13 years ago
Prodipleung 6a prodipleung
scary man !
over 13 years ago
Photo 63849
nice painting! who did it?
over 13 years ago
Photo 64572
can't wait..
over 13 years ago
Lady detective with caption
Conroy, Congrats to both you and Josie. I always believe that when a film gets completed it is like a miracle!! So many obstacles and yet you did it!! Hope to see it when I am in HK which look like will happen in late May. Looking forward to seeing your film and you two as well. Jeanne
over 13 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
looking forward to finally seeing Andrew's handy work!
over 13 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
Goes full circle in this mad mad world...
over 13 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
it was a lot of fun! good job dudes!
over 13 years ago



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