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Happy crew. Happy shooting. Stay tuned. ?

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Friends texted me and said my MCD advertisement is on the screen again. This was actually my first tvc after entering my second family @starzpeople and special thanks to @starz_912 . Whao, the past year just happened like this. Oh, go get the fried chicken bun by the way, seems like it has discount now! Hahaha.

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今天有牠,陪我開工。 嚟,錫啖先 !!

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Ooopps, I'm getting married today. ???????? Muah: @starzpeople @kanisnisnis #shootingday

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Typhoon, I beg you. Please don't come.

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One of my frequent routines. ?

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My girls, let's continue the fun. @adidashk #mygirls #everytues #starzpeople Fun night with: @dryogicaren Thanks for having us: @jamieliu302 @kristyleekaiwing

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Spending effort on a new feature. Stay tuned. Tutor + Photographer: @dearjanejackal


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Childhood memories --- precious as always. Hi missy, welcome to my room. Little things make me happy.




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Working day means curly hair day. #loveit

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