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Happy Birthday, my super MOM. You were my very first friend and you are still one of my besties. Of all the mothers in the world how wonderful that you are mine. Thank you for making me feel wanted, precious and irreplaceable all the time. xoxo P.S. Sevva + MissB = Gorgeous Cakes served #? #mumlikesthecake #✌?

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Roses accompanied my date with this girl. Flight is chosen. Hotels are booked. Time to getaway again.?

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準備。開工。廣告拍攝十小時。 Feeling excited for this upcoming project for HK airline. This blessed girl will nail it with my whole heart. For you: #staytuned & #goodnight For me: #stayawake & #workhard

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Amber rain didn't kill our vibes. #theLAIS

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All he wants is the ice-cream in my hand. ?

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我喜愛旅遊,更熱愛為旅程留下美好嘅回憶,拍攝旅行影片已經成為我嘅習慣,你呢? ? 其實你地都可以? 仲要係另類working holiday✈️ 不如一齊參加?? 被選中的參加者將會跟隨青年廣場沸青型地活動到東京或台北拍攝整個有意義的旅程:

東京 - 背包浪遊 日期: 8月6 至14日

台北 - 壁畫藝術交流 日期: 8月16 至30日


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Running castings and lessons through the rain is a tough task for me today, but running with #mygirls is always a nice idea. @adidashk

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. 每年爺爺生日 這位人兄都喜歡親自下廚 違傳點廚藝給我好嗎? 回家,最飽不過。

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Dear Jumbo Crab, thanks for being my last amazing meal in Singapore. Thank you Charles for taking care for this ice cream loving girl. Thank you Suki for being so considerate and caring throughout the week. I really had a blast here. I look forward to our next working trip together if there's a chance. xoxo #SG

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