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All about: Bonding with palm trees, strolling around the paradise, living my marine life and overwhelming with my mango sticky rice. Sorry for the imperfect skills of video editing, but at least I tried something new again. Memories still last. Ko Samui, till next time. Youtube Channel: Christy Lai Video Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rqVKQiF7GXQ

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Make it daily: @beautydestinationn ✔️??

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Snow White is enjoying her apple. #MYmac

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'Heart heart eyes' are on. Singapore is glowing tonight. ??? P.S. Good job, Canon 100D.

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My off-work activity in SG every single day: Being a tourist with @annewinterson ? #cloudwalk

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Thanks to the wind that came by when the photo was taken.? #hahahehe #? #SG

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Quotes rule. #relationshipgoals

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Awesome way to end the day. ?

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Looks like I skipped the queue in Hong Kong.

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. Who says models don't eat... Well, at least I do. ?? #UMAG #DAY3

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