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Taking foodies pictures becomes my habit now. Piggy Lai is on her way though. #goodnightSG

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HaiNan Chicken Rice is kinda my off-duty vibe.

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Shooting in a restaurant with fresh food provided right from the garden outside. Hong Kong needs to have more places like that. ? #SG

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Getting ready for another fruitful day.

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Welcome to my alivenotdead.com profile

Welcome to my alivenotdead.com profile. Please leave a comment and say hi and don't forget to follow my page to get all my latest social media updates in your feed.

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A world of MINIONS. Wait for my souvenirs for those minion lovers. You know who you are. ?

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Just like what happened in the movies. Spotted: the big fan of all kinds of thrilling rides. #thelostworld

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One day in Universal Studios before another seven days of shooting in this amazing place. Far Far Away Castle, here we are. Nothing's better than meeting my girl in my short getaway. Nothing's better than a whole day of catch ups and laughters in one of my favourite theme parks. Singapore, it's so nice to see you again. ?

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Something new and amazing. ??

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My skin appreciates you. @beautydestinationn Model styling and photographer: Christy Lai ✌?️

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