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My all time favorite Drum and Bass track

When I first heard this, I was picking up this 12" vinyl from a street vendor at Camden Town in London in 97. It's the most amazing DnB track ever produced. It's "Your Sound" by J Majik. I think he was not even 20s at that time. It's still my favorite track! If I ever need to pump myself up in excitement, I just need to crank this up to 11 and it always do the job.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EkwCsNf8uQ

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With the entire genre based on the amen break. I am sure anyone will run out of idea sooner or later. When I heard Photek doing house, I know DnB is so dead!!!
almost 16 years ago
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Your Sound is a nice tune indeed, great taste you have mate! :) RE: "DnB is so dead!!!"... i dont feel that at all. DnB has always evolved and changed thru time. There are plenty of good dnb music out there atm... like Alix Perez, Subwave, SpectraSoul, Lynx, Icicle etc... new skool producers who are bring in something fresh into the music. As for the "been there done that producers", like Break, Commix, even Goldie (working with Heist)... all of them have changed and evolved their sound into something totally fresh and exciting, yet keeping them original sounding. The only disappointment for me personally is Zinc... ps> Chunky Amen/Reece combo.... always a winner IMO! :)
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Djbam f8 djbam
i always loved J Majik's "Solarize"
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Hey, Wash. Yeah, that was a big statement I made. It was years ago when DnB becoming so repetitive. I walked away from my most beloved genre. But recently, I find myself slowly crawling back to DnB. The energy is still second to none. I am going to dig around the artist that you mentioned. I have been obsessively listening to "Desolate" by Calyx & Teebee lately.
almost 16 years ago
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Desolate is a BAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDD TUNE@! Killer production and vibes... Check out Subwave's Dream Catcher, SpectraSoul's Alibi, Break's Subversion EP... man, i can go on and on about the new stuff thats doing the rounds...
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