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Cocteau Twins

I am about to run off to JFK jetting to HK over the Arctic. Filling up my iPhone with the healthy doses Drum and Bass, Mary Anne Hobbs's Radio 1 mixes, Hip Hop, audiobooks, etc to accompany my 15 sleepless hours (I am not a good sit-up sleeper). I decided to bring all my Cocteau Twins with me for the old time sake...from Blue Bell Knoll to Pink Opaque to Heaven or Las Vegas to the whole box set...

Listening to Watchlar. It's just so....hmmm....sexual...

This is the music that you can make love to in the cloud. Yum! ;-)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-GCjT_HrLI

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so i guess this answers my question as to if you were in ny or not... haha well let me know if your going to be in hk around oct, may make a trip back for halloween.... lol lame huh? well taiwan they dont seem to do much so thats bullshit.... i love a good dressup party and also yeah would love to do the shoot we never got to start. haha aiitey charlie you have a safe flight back to the mother land!
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Cool, coming to HK? Although we're having a T8 Typhoon right now... hopefully it'll have blown over by the time your flight comes in.
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Victorialand is incredible. I used to tuned my guitar just like Robin Guthrie. I also got many Liz Fraser outside projects from Massive Attack to Future Sound of London. Big big fan!!!!
over 15 years ago
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feel it.. those 15 hr flights are a killer...i cram as many movies straight then sleep and land cranky..now i tend to stop in london for a quick fix where possible.
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