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Angelo Badalamenti

I am in the mood of a soundtrack marathon today while I am at work. I dropped in "City of the Lost Children" by the genius Angelo Badalamenti. It brings me back immediately to the theatre when I first experienced this film...the mood, the color, the facial expressions...

"Twin peaks" next...


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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
People always talk about how it is scent that triggers memory. But maybe in people who are more visually oriented, it is, like you say, sound or, more specifically, music. I can never hear the piece "Aquarium" from Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals without having scenes from Day of Heaven flash through my mind. The piano piece by Robert Schuman, that is the theme in My Brilliant Career, does the same thing to me. I am also mesmerized by the music Wong Kar-Wai uses in his films, and just hearing the pieces, even the already familiar ones, immediately evokes an image from the film. That is something that mainstream Hollywood filmmakers all too often overlooks: music can be the thing that unifies all the other elements of the film and elevates them to the sublime.
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Photo 53180
"Twin peaks" ost i got one too.... but i never see it.(It's looking for long time) eee...seem you like dream pop & heavenly voice.
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