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Hawaii Behind the Scenes - Starwood 'Wish Upon A Star'



EPISODE 3!!! Watch it before you read my blog (Contains spoilers) !!! 快看第三集!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTCb2kz1gwU 第三集視頻 優酷: http://v.youku.com/vshow/idXMjY1Nzg3MzQw.html 夏威夷幕後。。。

11 years later 11年后 Hawaii was absolutely amazing... It was a lot better than I remembered in year 2000 -...Read more

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Interview for South China Morning Post

The FULL interview Exclusive for YOU ;-)

  1. How did you get start as model? What's the first project about? and how old were you then? (13?)

I was 13 when I did my first modeling job. It was a soy sauce ad for the newspapers. haha. I was tense and nervous at the time and my smile was unnatural as I didn't really know what I was doing - and soy sa...Read more

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Episode 02 Thailand - Behind the Scenes

Sawadee Kaaaaa!!!

So if you still haven't seen episode 2... here it is! Watch it before you read my behind the scenes as it does contain spoilers!!!!

你要是还没看第二集就快看了。。。 看完了再看我這個博客吧,要不然你未必知道我在說什麼...


Video: Read more

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Behind the scenes in Paris for Starwood series 'Wish Upon a Star'

This series has been an absolute blast. I mean, how can one possibly say anything bad about being paid to travel and to stay in luxurious hotels around the world? It sure as hell doesn’t happen every day, but when it does happen... well, let’s just say it’s totally awesome!

能参与此剧集的制作,感觉超棒。是一次难得的经验。能够免费到各国旅行又能住进世界所有豪华精选的酒店,还有什么好说的?如...Read more

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Starwood Series with Peter Ho|與何潤東聯合主演的網劇“星願同行”|与何润东联合主演的网剧“星愿同行”

Hi all!

Long time no blog :) I know, please forgive me... :( After shooting Man with the Iron Fist, I've been involved with shooting a web series with Peter Ho for Starwood. We've been shooting all over the world and it all started in Paris. I can't give away where we've been shooting as there is a competition out there for who can guess our second episodes' destination following Paris. So that means I can't even really blog about my adventures until the episode...Read more

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The Sun Daily - hilarious

Hi guys,

Been a while since I last wrote as I was in the US of A working on my music followed by exciting film auditions & performing at TED.

All those exciting times to come in subsequent blogs shortly!

I opened the newspapers today & read this! It cracked me up so hard! Bit of an exaggeration on parts but I guess that's how newspapers sell! However having said that it's true I was quite revolted at the age of 17 when first approached to ask my 'price'. It kinda freaked me out!

...Read more
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GoldenWay Investments


http://www.sina.com.cn   2010年07月01日07:57   新浪娱乐

正文内容 begin


“港姐股神”叶翠翠建议股民用闲钱出击(图) 叶翠翠与任达华都是投资高手,卢靖姗乘机偷师 br>点击此处查看全部娱乐图片</b

publishhelper name='原始正文' pRead more

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CETV 6th Anniversary Party!|華娛6週年台慶活動|华娱6周年台庆活动

Patrick was really nice to invite me to the CETV 6th Anniversary Party this year!

I met some really nice people working for Sharkwave including Wendy and Edwyn and we all had fun going up to Shenzhen by car :)

The funniest moment was being driven in through the back entrance by an SUV because we arrived earlier than expected, and then being picked up half an hour later in a Benz from the other back entrance, only to be driven around to the front and main entrance to walk the red carpet. The tri...Read more

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Dior Show|Dior Show|Dior Show

Blog for the ladies!!!

I was honored to have had the opportunity to work with Jamie Coombes - London based makeup artist for Christian Dior! He came to HK to do an event of which I was invited to be his make up model. I really enjoyed it!

He taught me a few things in makeup:

Less is better!

Don't cake it on - keep the beautiful parts of your skin and cover the shady parts

Dark eye circles should be covered with foundation first - not concealer

Make sure your skin is moist befor...Read more

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Portfolio Makeup School Shoot for GARY CHUNG!|為Gary Chung而拍的硬照化妝學院照片﹗|为Gary Chung而拍的硬照化妆学院照片﹗

I'm sooooo happy that Gary and I are working together again!

For those who have not read my earlier blogs... Gary Chung is not only one of HK's top makeup artists, but he is the man behind the makeup in my music video amongst other campaigns including Sofina and E. Funkhauser

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65MAdg2H5u4

This time, I was hired alongside Paul...Read more

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