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From Sichuan to Music Matters to 家有喜事 2009 to Acting

My week

I am sooo proud of WuJing, he is in SiChuan right now setting up tents for the victims, giving out food, books, blankets to them...  I really wish so much I could've been there to help out! But work keeps me here, so I had no choice but to go back to Celina's persuasion and force people to donate hehehe :) I was really happy to find that Gold-Label raised HKD 700,000 for the relief efforts, go team go!


Looking at the photos made me tear. Contrary to what one may think, or should I say what we are spoonfed from the media every day, some victims are optimistic and strong about getting their lives back together. Some even stronger than us who were not there. It is amazing to see how people work together to overcome hard times like these, unfortunately it took such a catastrophic event to see it. But you know, it's never too late, any effort towards unity should not be discounted, despite its origins.


I attended Movie Matters http://www.musicmattersasia.com this week, I love this conference, ever since my first time last year, I've made it a must-attend. Ppl from all over the world fly in to discuss the future of the entertainment industry in Asia, I'm always the geek in the front row taking notes! However, it was somewhat depressing to hear some pessimistic experts say that piracy in China is causing record labels to not invest in new artists since a viable business model does not exist. To be honest, games are pirated too, and the gaming industry went from nothing to a 1.2bn USD business in a few years. Piracy is an issue, but perhaps they are dwelling on it too much.. Why are ppl not focusing on finding innovative solutions to give our audiences what they would prefer instead?? I can think of a few ideas off the top of my head already, but I shall not bore you with this. When there is a will there is a way, right?

I heard an amazing singer perform on Tuesday night at the opening of Music Matters at JJ, the girl - Tia Ray gave me shivers down my back, she could sing as high as Mariah, it really made me give a kick in my own ass to work harder in the vocal department. She was a wonderful personality too.

I spent some of my time speaking to Terry McBride (CEO of Nettwerk Records and Manager of Avril) about meditation and yoga other than work abviously, which was an interesting conversation since my family are all very spiritual in that way. Which makes me think, have you guys watched 'the Secret' and the documentary 'what the bleep do we know'? If not, you have to check those out if this topic is of interest to you ;)

I met Terrence Yin as well, who participated in one of the panels on Wednesday, very eloquent man, and a nice one it seems. I'm glad to see these types of ppl still exist, too bad we didn't get to talk more... Anyway, I took the liberty to become his fan :)

On Wednesday night I made a guest appearance at one of Hong Kong's most famous yearly comedies 家有喜事 2009. I had one line, but it was fun nonetheless, I took the opportunity to say 恭喜發財 to the HK ppl and had the honour to work with director 谷德超 which I think is worth it ;)

And to end this blog, I saw an interview with Hugh Grant where he was asked to describe acting. His reply was 'acting is many hours of boredom with bursts of sheer terror' I thought it was great and I'll tell you why. Obviously the boredom lays in the many hours of waiting and being on standby, but the sheer terror lies in going outside of your comfort zone, being a person, or should I say bringing out a personality that you have never experimented with before. For example, I am a happy person generally optimistic, and having to cry in front of a crew of 30 ppl is like lying stark naked on a marble floor, a feeling of total vulnerability! When I am asked to run and jump onto tables, the terror comes in the form of, oh my god, I hardly even jump on my bed, can I do this? Will I get hurt? It; really is quite an amazing experience, as it stretches the mind and its belief in oneself's ability and creativity. When I heard Hugh Grants descrīption, I couldn't help but laugh to myself....






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wow, congrats on the cameo in Alls Well that Ends Well 2009. I heard they have some really talented people acting in there. ;-)
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