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Day 3 of being a vegetarian...

Well, I can't say it was easy... especially eating out with friends, the smell of xiao long bao at Crystal Jade was so enticing, but I had to resist, I mean if I can't handle being vegetarian for 3 days, how was I to combat bigger challenges to come right? It did help however to think that so many of my friends/fans here at AnD as well as my friends in HK and London cared to join this cause to be vegetarian for 3 days. Thank you all very much for being so supportive!

I had my first free day in a while today, no shooting, no recording just time for myself, I went to check out Pure fitness which is an amazing gym, can't believe I never checked it out earlier. I got a free day pass and spent 4 hours doing cardio/ weights/ boxing and all the rest... Ever since I started training with WuJing, I've become increasingly restless without exercise, so gotta keep that going :)

Who knows, maybe my next  film role will be G.I. Celina hahahaha j/k

Hope you are all well, more blabbering to come later :)

Sweet dreams

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impressive! 4 hours!
about 16 years ago
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I felt slightly more detoxified, I'm keeping the meat levels low now, actually kinda enjoy being a vegetarian, it's slightly easier for me since my father is one. Thank you so much for your links ;) LA is in working progess ;)
about 16 years ago


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