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bad day yesterday, nice day today

its a bad day for me yesterday, carrying 2 big bags of clothes to 2 different shops. and it was rainning like hell, lucky that the clothes didnt get wet...! well BLACK RAIN.........!

working 9am till 11am everyday, sleep 4 hours everyday... anyways its an amazing issue which i am working on. life not easy, life not long!

today~~~~ is another brand new day for me and u. btw i do hv weibo but i didnt update it every minute like others do. thanks for the friends who are still supporting me. gimme sometimes, i will hv my works out sooner or later...! OM*

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yeah the rain yesterday was horrible. I was riding the bus and the roof was leaking and everything inside was getting wet too! :-P
about 13 years ago
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don't forget to get your rest, its really important to staying healthy!
about 13 years ago
Add oil (and an umbrella)!!!
about 13 years ago


**to love but not to hate*shanti shanti**

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