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Welcome To My Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog ever.  I've always hesitated blogging due to privacy issues, but decided to try this as an experiment of sorts.  I'm slowly starting to fill in my profile page and a special thanks to Fred Ambroisine. Merci beaucoup mon ami pour Alive Not Dead et Action Queens l'article; c'est tres manifique! 

Here I am in this pic, two days ago, on a shoot for Stila Cosmetics. I'm shooting their new campaign and was hoping to get some nifty samples.  Alas, all of the makeup came in little unmarked bottles.  It is brand new and not yet manufactured.  They have one teeny bottle of foundation for my skin tone and are rationing it as I'm working this job until next week.  Darn, better luck next time.


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Looking nice :)
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i like ur smileeeeeeeeeee:)
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They conned you!! And now you gotta look pretty for them for a whole week??? Ahhhh, but I think you'll manage that Candace!! Nice to meet you in SB I think you won some fans with your gracious and humble introduction of yourself in the shoutbox. I couldn't honestly remember if I was or not, but I hope I was so gracious the first time I spoke in the SB. I always try to make an effort!! Good luck with your bogging experiment. I am glad you chose AnD to conduct your experiment. I like it here. And you know what else? I watched your episode on two and a half men just a couple of days ago!!! It was showing on some TV channel here. (don't tell anyone though: I'm slightly embarrassed to admit to folks that I enjoy watching two and a half men occasionally). And WOW were you knockout!!! My eyeballs slammed into the TV screen when you walked in!! Best episode ever!! I won't mention the profession of the character you played in that episode here though!! Only sadness for me was you didn't have a bigger part!! On blogging...and privacy...it's a damned good concern! It's an issue for me too and I am very new to blogging. Blogging should suit me, because I do like writing, yet I have found it very difficult to do so far. Personally I prefer to blog just for my friends..so at the moment I keep what I have done private for my friends. And it has been a good way to share with friends I would otherwise, (because I only meet them online and they are from very different cultures form me) find it very difficult to share about myself with. I know a lot of other people have a very different way and attitude to blogging and are very, very comfortable with it, including some of my good friends. For a long time I felt kinda envious of people that were good bloggers and then finally a blog I wanted to write that seemed like a good way to tell a lot about myself occurred to me. And that's what blogging is for me. But for everyone it is something different. When I post a new blog I WILL post it as public for a short time, and then move it to friends only after a while. I imagine your blog will have considerably more interest than mine :-) but I have a feeling if you just stick to what you feel very comortable to write about like in this one to begin with then you will be fine. I know myself as well as simply sharing with my friends the other appeal for blogging is...the feedback from them after you write a blog. good luck!!
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oh yeah...you need to get yourself registered as an official artist here I think Candace. You can click on help at the top of your page on AnD and will see links to tell you how to do that.
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Good luck on the blogging! It looks like you are off to a really great start!
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thanks to boon, you are official!
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Hi KIta welcome u...keep on nice job^^. cheers, fwei.
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WOW ...
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