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Action Queens

A month ago Fred Ambroisine contacted my manager for an interview.  Fred and I began corresponding and it was our correspondence that led me to AnD.  So, thank you Fred for the terrific interview plus my introduction to AnD!

Here are some links for Action Queens:

Action Queens on MySpace


Action Queens on FaceBook


Action Queens on Twitter


There's also an Action Queens Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/actionqueens

And Fred's blog: http://www.alivenotdead.com/fredambroisine/CANDACE-KITA-HOLLYWOOD-HOTTIE-ACTION-QUEENS-INTERVIEW--profile-762677.html

And here is the actual article: http://fredambroisine.com/2009/09/candace-kita-interview-part-1-hollywood.html

Merci Fred pour l'article; c'est magnifique! Je suis tres heureuse!

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great article! i especially liked watching the 'barbaria' clip. I never knew they did a show for Kamen Rider in the US. (also some of your old modeling photos are really nice).
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