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U2 vs. Depeche Mode

Sitting here in the hoptel room in Bangkok bored out of my mind and waiting for my football team to start their game on UCL. My team has been playing so badly this season, I am still contemplating to watch and continue to torture myself. I guess when you support a team, you support them through the good times and bad times!!! Go Gunners.

So, everyone should have heard the new single from U2 "Get on your boots" and Depeche's "Wrong". I don't believe U2 video is done yet but got a glimpse of the new DM video which is dark but so good. Kinda reminds me of a video from Radiohead. Both will have albums out in the next month or so.

So, who is better? U2 and Depeche Mode?

Both been around for more than 20 years and staying true with their musical roots (U2 a few years earlier). Although different in musical genre, both create sounds that is easily distinguished and many try to follow and failed. Both have ups and downs (album wise). Both hit a career milestone when they broke the US of A (Joshua Tree  and Violator). Both have rabid fan base. Both sell out tours in minutes. Both have charismatic frontman (Bono vs Dave Gahan) and the sidekick or the co-starring (Edge vs Martin Gore).  Each of their older albums are collectors items and will be on the shelves of HMVs and Towers of the world forever as must have catalogue.

So far it's Depeche Mode leading the points based on:

1) "Wrong" is a better first single than "Get on your boots"

2) DM perform the track on Echo awards in Germany while U2 premiered on BRITS (both performance are average to me)

3) Both album covers are average...

4) Video tbc

5) Tour tbc

What's your view?

Good night



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The U2 single is a total Queens of the Stone Age rip off! I still hate (post-'95) U2 for utterly banal lyrical content. The sentiment is always there, but gah ... spell it out for the dumbest person in the room! Radiohead have always been much more entertaining with their lyrics AND still managed to stick meaningful messages into each song. DM new track, nice, not great but really nice. DM have always suffered from the problem that they sound like a rip-off of themselves! I wouldn't stick this song on repeat for a week, like I used upon hearing the really old stuff. As for the live performances, you can't really judge a band in those 'plug your new single at the awards ceremony' type settings. Give them time to put the tour together. In addition the clips I saw of DM were all playback. As for the album covers, who buys albums :) Thanks for highlighting the tracks, I wouldn't have gone looking for them otherwise.
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YU2 is based of an artwork. DM design is pretty bad and amaturish, looklike they tried to make it look like art but became more something even a child could make. That just about the design, but I never heard their music so I don't have any opinion on that .
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I am and have always been a huge DM fan and never particularly liked U2. I love the arrangements of Depeche Mode, songs like "Home" are just pure genius when it comes to arrange chord progressions and key changes. What David Gahan lacks in raw vocal power, he makes up for in pure vocal charisma. In my opinion,the band has always been way darker than U2 and even though both moved into more commercial realms, it has always felt like DM kept way more integrity. DM is in my unprofessional opinion, much more of an artistic band.
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I have to say DM get my vote , I have never been much of a U2 fan but have been a DM addict for so many years , seen them live many times etc ( Always great performances by the way especially '92 with the Sisters of Mercy at Crystal Palace London ) So DM it is for me !!!
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