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What I Have Been Up To :)

Greetings  All  :) Finally I have got around to  blogging  again after the  last  few months of madness  the dust has finally settled to some extent so I thought I would give you all a lil  update on  my life :) Where to start ? Hmm well as of  a few days I am no longer residing  the farmhouse  in Central  France  * Yippee Jumps up and down  and opens a bottle of champagne whilst letting off a multitude of  fireworks  :) *  Yes people I am finally free of that place  !  No more  rural life for this wolf  , no more tractors , fields ,  strange  country  people with their  "Quaint ways"    "Get off my Land  You'm Worrying  my Turnips"   and all the rest of it :) I now  temporally based   in a rather nice  town house  at the top of an ancient citadel in the Ariege department  of France with  wonderful  views of the Pyrenees Mountains :) The area is  stunning scenically , architecturally, Gastronomically ,    and is steeped in history  and mystery , Cathars ,Templars , Sorcery  :)  plus assorted weirdness thrown in as well  :)  To give  you an idea just down the road from me is the mountain where people  flocked to in 2013 when the world was  supposedly going to end , the place full of space ships,  Da Vinci Code , conspiracy theories in abundance  etc , ooh  la la la :)  And not far from me is the  hunting ground of  " La Bete  du Gevaudan "  Yep this  is  "Le Pacte  des Loupes "  / " Brotherhood  of the  Wolf "  country  " :)  If you don't know what I am talking about  shame on you and  search out that  exquisite movie ;)  So in general it is  a nice place to explore  :) I will also be  soon undertaking a   few not very grueling  one and a half hour drives to  terrorize the  unsuspecting inhabitants of  Spain  ;)  And that is just the start of my plans  :) It is always dangerous to  put me  so to close to an airport ;)  So  watch out all , new photographic delights will  be coming your way very soon  :) I also have  a few top secret ventures that I cannot disclose as yet  but  I will keep you  updated on my journeys  and progress  :)I hope that you all  are having a wonderful time et  

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New Photos and Summer Wishes

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A Rather Different Recent Photoshoot

Greetings  All Just before  2011  breathed it's last , I  was asked by a friend to do a photoshoot of a bar and grocery store in a town near me , the place had been open  for that purpose  for over a hundred and closed  on New Years day and  will probably  be turned into a  residential  dwelling , this was a chance to capture a piece of history .The concept of the shoot was to turn  a modern day image  of the place into one that looked as though it had been taken years ago to really capture the sense of history of the place without using photoshop , fake cobwebs etc  :) The hope is that between my photos and the video  interviews that my friend did with the owners and patrons of the establishment the  building may be sold as a going business as opposed to being converted . I hope that you enjoy  the results of my labours :)

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My Art Featured in " Atmospheric" metal zine !!

Greetings all !  I hope that you all are having a wonderful  start to the weekend !

I am  pleased to announce that  I am  now featured in one  of the longest established  and respected  Polish metal  Magazines - Atmospheric Magazine ! This great  zine has been showcasing  and promoting  talent in the  metal  industry  since the '90s !!! Now  The Wolfshead  creations are gracing their  Metal Artists and Designers section ! So  people do  copy and paste  link below and  enjoy :) Rob 

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