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i want somma your Brown Suga

Heeeeeeey Happy Lunar New Year !!!!! Gung Hei Fat Choy ! Sun Tai Kin Hong!!!

So last wednesday night-(feb 4th) was the 9th  Speak Up at Philia Lounge hosted by the lovely Kate Sullivan and Roger De Leon of  e.v.e.n.t... and  it was awesome......and packed . I dont think i've ever seen it packed so much !!!! WELL DONE KATE AND ROGER !!!!

It was also the night i had asked Kate if i could perform a little sumthin sumthin that i had been wanting to for a while......Kate was like "HELL YEAH" !!! And so i performed " Brown Suga Lova" ... a little ' naughty' piece i had written a few years ago and  had  had the urge to perform..for ages... and seeing as its coming up to Valentines Day .... i thought ... what the hell ... there ain't no better time....their ain't no better place

To be honest ... i was so nervous..... i dont get as nervous as i did when i'm performing other people words but when its your own and its intimate.....a little naughty...... and its infront of people who you know but dont really know that side of  you... tis a whole different ball game,....but I needed to do it......i had been wanting to read it  out loud and proud since the day i wrote it.........

and so i did .....so check out the video.....


I have to give my much much love to the CB FRESH boys...for all their support .n encouragment......and especially to Simon for an awesome intro....much love yo !!!

and to my girls Peapops and Si Wing........they really helped calm my nerves... and told me to just do it !!!Much Loooove xxx

LOVED performing it..... i felt so friggin liberated....... .......an awesome awesome feelin........

Thanks again to e.v.e.n.t and everyone who heard it....

.... there's always a little space for a little naughty....ness.............

 Much Love










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not to shabby at all
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love you girl! You were amazing!! Well done! xxxxx
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
awesome! sorry i missed it ... was in beijing..
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brown suga loverrrrrrrrr ROCKS!!! x
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Hey B! Great mtg you at Grounded. Just saw ur video-that was awesome! You GO GIRRRRL!! hope to see ya again soon! xoxo
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