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xmas thank u Mai Ling

I was so excited when I got a package in the mail from my friend Mai as everyone knows her as babymai. We have been friends for about 2 years now and have to say she became my best friend. I have to say how someone online can become so close and become best of friends and be more of a friend than my friends in person. WE love makeup and always talk about makeup among other great things. NYX is one brand I like alot and literally screamed when I opened one gift and it was like 12 eyeshadows of NYX. My mom was there with me and was like WHAT? what happen what is it lmao.

than I opened my other gift and was lol bc of my nickname APOL to her. INSIDE joke but I love it and its so adorable and I can take it with me on the road, plane or where ever I have to go to dance at. Instead of using my compact mirror. I love the little pouch that it has to put my products I am going to use in it. THanks MAI LING!

These are the eyeshadows and I have already used some already. I love it at got so many compliements and was like yeah its pretty isen't it lol.  I know my crew GIRLS will be having me put some on them uhhh I don't want to share...lol jk.

THis is a xmas gift my grandmother got me and I love it! I love hip hop shoes for my collection lol and was amazed by the color ..BEAUTIFUL!  These shoes will definitly go on many journeys with me.

That glitter in the front is what got my eye. The best part is there in my favorite color PURPLE Yeah my grandma and mom have this thing when I have to travel to dance they buy me a new pair of hip hop shoes. But this was a xmas gift hehe. I love them! WEll I hope everyone had a wonderful xmas and happy New Year!

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